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The 2022 Lincoln Navigator is considered one of the most premium large SUVs you can buy. It’s not just enormous, it’s also really, really nice. So how much does the new Lincoln Navigator cost, and is it worth its hefty price tag? Let’s take a look at everything that comes in the base model Navigator as well as one that is fully loaded.

Front view of black 2022 Lincoln Navagator, one the Consumer Reports most reliable luxury SUVs for large families
2022 Lincoln Navigator | Lincoln

How much does the 2022 Lincoln Navigator cost?

The base model 2022 Lincoln Navigator price starts at $78,405. There are a total of five Navigator trim levels, with the top two costing over $100,000. If you opt for the next level up from the base model, the Reserve, it will cost you $88,740. That’s also the most popular Lincoln Navigator trim level, if you’re looking for the option that most people find ideal.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator L Reserve is next up thte Navigator trim level ladder, and it will cost you $91,770. Then there’s the Black Label, for $104,675. The most expensive Lincoln Navigator trim level is the L Black Label, with a price of $107,720.

How much is a Lincoln Navigator fully loaded?

Let’s say you want to get that 2022 Lincoln Navigator L Black Label, and you want everything in it. What will that cost you? The L stands for Long wheelbase, so you’ll be getting the biggest, best Navigator that you can. Choose a color like Crystal Blue, and you’ll be adding $1,750 to your price. You can also get 22-inch Black Aluminum wheels as part of the Black Label Special Edition for about $7,000. Throw in second-row heated and ventilated seats with massage and a console for another $625.

Then there are accessories like all-weather mats, a rear seat entertainment system with wireless headphones, and a Heavy Duty Tow Trailer package. Altogether, a fully loaded 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label L price is $121,210, including destination fee.

Is the Lincoln Navigator worth it?

While the 2022 Lincoln Navigator isn’t Consumer Reports-recommended, it does get the second-highest score out of the Luxury Large Sport Utility Vehicle segment. Out of a possible 100 overall score, the Navigator gets a 63, behind the 2022 BMW X7’s 81.

One of the things that Consumer Reports likes the most about the 2022 Navigator is its noise. The Lincoln Navigator is pretty quiet, scoring a 5/5 for noise. However, its predicted reliability is just a 3/5 and it’s routine and emergency handling each get only a 2/5. Both the ride and the owner satisfaction get a 4/5, indicating that people are fairly happy with their Navigator purchases.

Altogether, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator is a solid, luxurious large SUV. If you need something that has a little extra passenger as well as cargo space and you want it to feel like a private jet, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator may be just what you’re looking for. And with a fully loaded Black Label L, you’re sure to enjoy every bit of the $100,000 you’ve invested in your SUV – and love every minute of driving it.


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