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It’s summertime, and the last thing you might be thinking about right now is snow. But if you’re thinking about buying an ATV, you might also be planning ahead for winter use. After all, all-terrain vehicles are made for just that, all-terrain. And millions of people contend with drifted driveways and impacted snow during the winter season.

Today’s ATVs come in a wide range of sizes and offer a host of capabilities – ideal for off-road and mudding fun. However, when it comes to snow plowing in the winter, there are a few suggestions worth considering. According to some of the industry professionals, ATV size may not matter as much as you’d think when it comes to pushing snow. So, just how big of an ATV do you need to blast through the snow with a plow? 

Buying right now for winter use can be smart

‘Tis the season for blazing trails, getting muddy, and zooming around on the ATV. But for many Americans, all-terrain vehicles are a must-have for more than just fun. Snowplowing during the winter months is a necessity too. So, buying an ATV now means understanding what you’ll need it to do for you later. says the best time to buy an ATV, regardless of how you plan to use it, is right now. May and June typically represent the time of year that next year’s models are released by manufacturers. Usually, manufacturers authorize great warranty offers and rebates too. 

ATVs come in a variety of sizes

Buying an all-terrain vehicle may kind of feel like buying a car. There are plenty of styles, sizes, brands, and capabilities from which to choose. Generally, buyers look at the core differences in horsepower and engine size. You can find 400cc models, 800cc models, and monster 1000cc models.

A 400cc ATV will work great as a fun, backyard adventure ride. It will also, according to, do just fine with plowing snow. But they also suggest there’s more to it than just size and ATV weight.

ATVs have been long used for fun and work for decades. And there are a host of reliable brands you’ve come to know and trust. Polaris, Arctic Cat, Suzuki, and Yamaha are just a few names that tend to have the most loyal customers. Knowing which will be best for your snow plowing job boils down to a few key features.

What you need to plow snow

If your ATV needs to be snow plow-ready, there are a few things to consider. The ideal size for a 48-inch or 60-inch plow would be a 500cc quad, according to industry enthusiasts like It might also be worth looking at a side-by-side ATV with a 500cc motor to bring more weight and push capability to your snow plowing projects. 

Weight means better traction, which is why most will tell you to find an ATV that weighs 400 to 700 pounds. Having the right weight and not so much engine power will translate to better turning traction. And for the heavier, wetter snow you might face, it’s the weight that will provide the momentum your quad needs to get the job done.

If you only need your new ATV for snow pushing next winter, there’s no real need to get an 800cc or bigger. The 500cc will work just fine. But you may have other requirements, including summer fun and work worth considering. Before you buy, know what you’ll need your ATV to do for you year-round. And get busy shopping because now is the perfect time to bring home a new quad, whatever you need it to do.


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