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One of the most popular new vehicles is the 2022 Cadillac Lyriq. As an early fully-electric model for Cadillac, many questioned if it would succeed. However, sales have been excellent so far. Reportedly, the automaker sold out a limited number of Debut Edition models in 10 minutes. Now, with Cadillac accepting preorders for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq, some customers are paying far less than others. How are some Cadillac Lyriq buyers getting a secret discount?

Cadillac Lyriq secret discount

A gray 2023 Cadillac Lyriq driving down a highway. How are some buyers getting a secret discount?
2023 Cadillac Lyriq | Creative Commons

It took four hours for the non-Debut Edition Lyriq models to completely sell out. Why did some of the buyers get their Cadillac EV for cheaper than everyone else? According to KBB, Cadillac has offered some buyers a $5,500 discount “in exchange for them signing a nondisclosure agreement on the vehicle and agreeing to let GM track how they use it.” Furthermore, a spokesperson from the automaker confirmed the report, stating the brand has contacted a small group of customers to learn about their usage and “elevate the experience of all our customers.”

The same spokesperson did not provide a number of customers who received this offer. However, KBB reports that it’s contained to buyers in the Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York areas. Moreover, the number of people who received the discount is very small. As a result, we’re assuming those participating were chosen at random to ensure genuine use of the Lyriq. However, whether or not there was an opportunity to volunteer to participate is unclear.

How much is a Cadillac Lyriq?

This 2023 Cadillac Lyriq looks amazing with the sunset behind it. A secret discount is being given to some buyers of the new EV.
2023 Cadillac Lyriq | Cadillac

According to Cadillac, the 2024 Lyriq starts at around $60,000 for the rear-wheel drive model. Moreover, the all-wheel drive version is listed on the automaker’s website to start at around $64,000. It doesn’t seem that prices have been finalized, however, so nothing is set in stone. To reserve one, buyers are required to leave a $100 deposit minimum. Comparatively, the 2023 model started at $62,990, and buyers owed a $1,195 freight charge. Lastly, initial deliveries of the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq are set to begin in the Spring of 2023.

In addition, the site says full vehicle features, specs, pricing, and colors will be announced closer to production. We think it’s safe to assume that most of these things will not change from the 2023 models. According to Car and Driver, the fastest-selling Debut Edition started just below $60,000. However, buying a RWD or AWD single or dual-motor model raises the price just a bit higher.

2023 Cadillac Lyric trimPrice
Debut Edition$59,990
Single Motor RWD$62,990
Dual Motor AWD$64,990

Some Cadillac Lyriq buyers got a secret discount


2023 Cadillac Lyriq vs. Tesla Model Y

Preorders for the 2024 Cadillac Lyriq are live on the automaker’s website right now. However, you won’t be able to get the secret discount for yourself. Unless you live in one of the locations being used for testing and are contacted by Cadillac, the secret discount is unavailable. Fortunately, even without a discount, Lyriq models are surprisingly affordable compared to similar offerings from other EV brands. For example, the Tesla Model X starts at over $100,000.

In conclusion, some buyers received a $5,500 discount off their total price for a Cadillac Lyriq. Furthermore, as the brand’s first all-electric SUV, it’s important for the brand to learn how it’s being driven. With this knowledge, the automaker will be able to make improvements for future versions.