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Teen driver safety is something every parent has to worry about. Whether your child is safe while driving is a result of many things, preparation and a safe vehicle can help with that. Now, Honda is using $2 million to improve teen driver safety. How is an automaker using money to improve the safety of teen drivers? Money can accomplish many things, and Honda is using its funds to help.

Honda funds grants worth $2 million to improve teen driver safety

A teenager trains driving skills using simulators provided by organizations funded by Honda for teen driver safety.
A teen uses a driving simulator | Honda

Part of the reason why so many car accidents involve people under 25 years old is a lack of driving education. However, Honda decided to do something about it recently. According to Motor1, they invited organizations in October 2021 to propose ideas to improve teen safety during National Teen Driver Safety Week. As a result, the automaker announced that it’s providing over $2 million in financial support for 25 organizations across the U.S. Furthermore, the grants will “finance various initiatives for young drivers to educate, train, and provide resources in addition to traditional driver’s training courses and state driver’s programs.”

“Honda is pleased to support organizations actively working in their local communities, and at the national level, to advance driver education and safety awareness,” said Yvette Hunsicker, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusion & Diversity at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Together, we hope to identify the most effective ways to reach and positively influence young drivers.”

What driving initiatives is Honda funding?

Front angle view of Sonic Gray Pearl 2023 Honda Passport midsize SUV
Sonic Gray Pearl 2023 Honda Passport | Honda

Motor1 says there are a wide variety of things Honda is funding to improve teen driver safety. Across the 25 nationwide organizations, they include delivering “driver education, safety training, and driving training.” Furthermore, these organizations will create “specific public service announcements to appeal to teens’ caring and community responsibility to discourage distracted driving, and provide driving simulators at public schools to evaluate the effectiveness of ABS-activated emergency stopping.”

Honda is accepting new grant applications until October 31, 2022. This is all part of Honda’s plan to create a collision-free society by 2050. The automaker calls this “Safety For Everyone,” which includes the many safety features being implemented into Honda vehicles yearly. For example, Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, advanced active safety, and driver assist systems.

Why teen driver safety is important

Not only is teen driver safety important for the safety of the teens, but other people too. According to Honda, nearly one-third of annual traffic fatalities in the U.S. involve drivers under 25. Educating and training teenagers to be better overall drivers, especially less distracted ones, could go a long way in saving countless lives. In joining 25 organizations and providing $2 million in funding, Honda is taking massive strides toward improving teen driver safety with this initiative.

Honda is using $2 million to improve teen driver safety

In conclusion, it’s notable that Honda is funding programs to improve teen driver safety. As one-third of the reason people get into accidents, teen driving needs improvement. Training, education, and more can go a long way in keeping American drivers safer. Moreover, a company like Honda taking part isn’t good just because of the money it provides. It also shows that an automaker with plenty of money to be made truly cares about drivers and is doing its best to make Honda owners (and drivers in general) safer.


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