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Have you ever needed to run across your entire college or work campus to make it to your next class or meeting? Honda might have one genius solution with the Motocompacto. The Honda Motocompacto is lightweight, efficient, and easy to store. 

The Honda Motocompacto makes city travel easy 

The Honda Motocompacto is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a compact motorized vehicle or an electric bike and it easily folds up for storage in the classroom or break rooms. 

I took it for a spin and enjoyed the level of balance and tight radius it provides for traversing city blocks and crowded campus life. It seemed easier and more convenient than hopping on a bike. 

It has a top speed of 15 mph and takes about seven seconds to get there. It’s just fast enough to feel exciting without being worried. It recharged in 3.5 hours and has a 12-mile range. It can carry up to 265 lbs. 

Folding the Motocompacto up is easy. If you’ve ever folded a Razor scooter then you can easily pack the Motocompacto up and the pedals even fold into the body. Plus, it works with most traditional bike locks. 

A folded Honda Motocompacto model
Honda Motocompacto models | Honda

The Motocompacto weighs 41 lbs and fits in a convenient package for carrying. Most bikes can be a bit awkward and large. When folded, the Motocompacto is 3.7 inches wide, 21.1 inches tall, and 29.2 inches long. 

A display on the handlebar shows your battery life, range, speed, and if the headlight is on. It also comes with a bell, a gentle throttle, and confident brakes. 

The upcoming Motocompatco app will provide information about the battery health, the current state of charge, and you can use the trip calculator to estimate how much range you’ll have left after reaching your destination. 

Plus, the app will include the user manual and provide trophies and goals for exploration and achievements. There are also various unique graphics and wraps to help your model stand out. 

The Honda Motocompacto starts at $999, which is less than better mountain bikes out there and more affordable than mopeds. I really wish I had one in college!