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The Honda Del Sol is a bit of an oddball. Effectively, it’s a Honda Civic with a removable roof. It’s not exactly a pinnacle of performance, and it certainly doesn’t have the same sort of JDM dream car lore as something like an EG Civic Hatchback or an Integra Type R. That being said, prices of the Del Sol have gotten pretty wild over the past couple of years, even if they aren’t in showroom condition with next to no miles on the odometer.

This imperfect Del Sol brought a pretty substantial price on Cars and Bids

Black and blue interior of the 1995 Honda Civic Del Sol with Milano Red exterior that sold for over $8,000 on Cars and Bids
1995 Del Sol Interior | Cars and Bids

The whole basis of this article is because of a recent Cars and Bids auction. This 1995 Honda Del Sol wears an exterior coat of Milano Red and is, overall, in pretty dang good shape for its age. It isn’t perfect, though. Additionally, while its 60,700-mile odometer rating is very low for a Honda of its age, it’s certainly not a mind-blowingly low number.

Though it is a pretty nice example, the final selling price of $8,188 took me by surprise. While I’m a pretty astute Honda enthusiast, the Del Sol, in my eyes, always seemed like the red-headed stepchild of the ‘90s lineup. So, the selling price being closer to $10,000 than not made me do a double-take. Especially because the ad highlights its rock chips and ill-fitted front bumper.

1995 Honda Civic Del Sol in Milano Red with the targa top roof removed
Del Sol Targa Top | Cars and Bids

The market, of course, decides the pricing. Someone was clearly willing to pay this price for this car, so, in essence, that’s what it’s worth. Maybe, then, it’s time for collectors and long-term investors to start considering grabbing a Honda Del Sol. I guess what I’m getting at here is that I don’t really understand the appeal.

Why is a Honda Del Sol worth so much money?

Red 1995 Honda Civic Del Sol front 3/4 sitting in a parking lot in front of some trees
1995 Honda Civic Del Sol | Cars and Bids

How Is the Honda Del Sol Different From the Honda Civic?

The Del Sol uses the same D15 engine as other base model Civics of the generation. If you’re familiar with that engine, you’re likely also familiar with the fact that the word “gutless” might be a bit generous. With only 102 horsepower and 98 pound-feet of torque on tap, it’s certainly not set to lead the pack in any sort of race.

Sure, there are plenty of aftermarket performance upgrades available. However, most cars that wind up fetching big numbers on Cars and Bids or Bring A Trailer are most desirable when they’re unmodified. So, one would assume that the buyers aren’t looking to modify it to their heart’s content once it’s in their possession.

Overall, the sale of this Honda Del Sol has led me to reconsider what these goofy cars might actually be worth in the future. It’s anyone’s guess, really. That being said, if I may make a recommendation if you’re looking to buy a Del Sol, check out the electric Trans Top models available for import from Japan.