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The price of collectible classic Japanese cars like the Acura Integra is mindblowing to many people. With some Integra Type R models bringing in over $100,000, it’s easy to think the chance to own one has long come and gone. However, there are still some decent deals to be found. It certainly wasn’t cheap, but this low-mileage Integra Type R serves as a reminder that they’re not all as much as a house in some states!

This 2001 Integra Type R sold for $41,000

Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R front 3/4 photoshoot Cars and Bids
Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R | Cars and Bids

This fresh listing hot off the Cars and Bids stove wound up with a final sale price of “just” $41,000. While even that number would have seemed downright insane a few short years ago, it looks pretty promising now. What’s remarkable, though, is that the car is in amazing condition. Inside and out it looks nearly perfect and it only has 48,000 miles on it.

This particular Integra is wearing Pheonix Yellow paint, which is one of the more desirable Integra colors, especially on the Type R. In fact, the most expensive Integra sale to date was for a Phoenix Yellow Type R, too. According to Hagerty, a 2001 Integra Type R has a value of around $42,700 in good condition. Additionally, prices climb to around $60,000 for excellent condition and over $80,000 for Concours condition examples.

So, what made this particular example fall under the Hagerty valuations? It has a couple of modifications, of course! Simple things like a Spoon Sports resonator cap and cat-back exhaust system as well as a Momo steering wheel. It also has a pioneer touchscreen double DIN stereo head unit. Finally, it has an aftermarket window tint.

In addition to the modifications, this car has damage reported from the year 2009 in its Carfax report. According to the Cars and Bids listing, this report is because a tree collapsed and fell on the car. As bad as that sounds, there’s no detailed information about the damage that occurred. So, for all anyone knows, if could have been minor aesthetic damage and nothing else. Certainly, it doesn’t appear to have negatively affected the car’s condition too much!

Some other minor flaws also helped keep the sale price low

Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R black upholestry Interior Cars and Bids
Integra Type R Interior | Cars and Bids

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The listing also states that the car has minor scratches and rock chips, which you’d expect on a car this age. Additionally, minor rust and flaking undercarriage coating on the bottom of the car is more than enough to deter some buyers. The interior also shows some light wear on the seat bolstering, which is not surprising either.

The car did receive some recent servicing, though. New axle shafts, front lower control arms, a new intermediate shaft, and fresh carrier bearing were all done in March 2022. In addition, the car got new front brake rotors and a front-end alignment as well as a fresh oil change.

The sale also included two keys, a valet key, and a key fob.

Overall, someone got an awesome deal on the perfect example of a driver-ready Integra Type R. Sure, it’s not necessarily to the standards of an esteemed wealthy car collector. However, it’s more than good enough for someone who wants to actually drive their Type R!