Holiday Gift Ideas for the Car Guy or Girl In Your Life

The holidays are inching closer. So, why not get a jump on gift buying for your car enthusiast friends by looking at the lists of gift ideas below? The lists are broken down into four categories. The first is for things related to cleaning or working on a vehicle. The second is for automotive destinations and entertainment. The third is for clothing and jewelry. The last category is for garage or workshop decor. Any single one of these items should bring a spark of joy to your favorite car guy or girl. 

Gift ideas to clean or work on a car

Gift ideas are wrapped and waiting to be shipped.
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This category of gift ideas is what is often advertised on television. That is not a bad thing. It just means that these things are more top of mind. 

  • Detailing kit – Gift boxes are already packaged by names like Armor All and McGuire’s.
  • Foam cannon – These are crazy popular right now.
  • Pressure washer – Running a foam cannon is easier with a pressure washer.
  • Roadside emergency kit – This is just what anybody needs for roadside situations.
  • Jumpstarter – A battery is going to die sooner or later.
  • Car cover – This is for the person who won’t tolerate acid rain or bird poop.
  • Mechanic’s toolset – Tools are always appreciated by enthusiasts.
  • OBDII Scanner – These scanners help diagnose error codes.
  • Creeper – This provides rolling comfort for the person whose back is usually on the bare floor.
  • Dashcam – This is a neat tech toy that provides a visual record.

Automotive destinations and entertainment

Being an automotive enthusiast is not all about admiring from a distance. Sometimes an enthusiast wants to be more involved in an experience and the culture. So, the list below gives some ideas on how to help them be submerged in what could be a memorable cultural experience. 

  • Tickets to SEMA, NASCAR, or NHRA races – Some of these are multi-day events.
  • Dream car rental – These are not available in every town, but very cool.
  • Performance driving school – These are scattered across the country.
  • Full day go-karting pass
  • DVDs – Google best car movies. Start buying them.
  • Remote-controlled cars

Gift ideas regarding clothing and jewelry

For this next category of gifts, find out what brand or model brings joy to your car enthusiast friend or family member. Then find the related clothing and jewelry. Some examples are below. 

  • Jackets, shirts, and hats – Who doesn’t love Harley Davidson leathers, or muscle car shirts?
  • Brand-specific cuff links – Shiny new Lamborghini or BMW cuff links add a little pizzazz. 
  • Brand-specific belt buckles – How does a carbon fiber Aston Martin belt buckle sound?
  • Tire ring – These rings have a tire tread pattern on them or carved into them. 

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Decor gift ideas

These gift ideas will dress up the garage, workshop, cave, or dungeon of the car enthusiast. 

  • Diecast dream car – Miniatures come in all sizes.
  • Paintings from automotive artists – Hand-painted art is very thoughtful.
  • Framed automotive photography – A framed black and white provides good contrast.
  • Glass pinstriped hot rod ornaments – No words. Just cool!
  • Metal signage – Marketing signage from times gone by is very popular.
  • LED brand-specific signage – A glowing piece of acrylic with a favorite brand in sharp.
  • A computer mouse in the shape of a car – How about a computer mouse that looks like Herbie, KITT, or the Back to the Future Delorean?

There are plenty of items listed above to give the creative gift-giver some ideas for their next purchase. Of course, you could always give the recipient of the gift the lists and have them pick something out from it. But, that spoils the surprise. In either case, the gift ideas are sure to create a sparkle of joy in your favorite car guy’s or girl’s eyes.