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The joys of shopping for a three-row SUV. With so many options to choose from, how do you choose the best SUV for satisfying your daily driving needs? Well, if you’re stuck deciding between the 2021 Honda Pilot and this year’s new GMC Acadia, we can certainly help you out. 

2021 Honda Pilot in the mountains
2021 Honda Pilot Elite | Honda

The 2021 Honda Pilot is standard with a V6 under its hood

The 2021 Honda Pilot offers no shortage of power under its perfectly sculpted hood. At the heart and soul of it is a 280-hp V6 engine that Kelley Blue Book reports is both “smooth and sufficiently powerful.” Car and Driver had much of the same experience when driving this year’s new Pilot, adding that it “has a speedy and fuel-efficient V-6 powertrain that doesn’t disappoint.”

Its V6 engine doesn’t turn the Honda Pilot into a gas guzzler either. Instead, the 2021 Honda Pilot delivers decent enough fuel economy ratings. Boasting an estimated 20/27 city/highway MPG rating, this year’s Pilot won’t have you stopping at the pump at every turn.

Unfortunately for Acadia shoppers, this year’s model is no speedster. Driven by a 193-hp engine, this year’s Acadia is no match for the Honda Pilot. It’s not all bad, though. The Acadia is available with a V6 engine. Unfortunately, it’s not as fuel-efficient as the Pilot’s standard V6 engine.

The Honda Pilot offers more space for passengers and cargo

There are plenty of reasons to buy an SUV. For some people, the natural spaciousness that SUVs have to offer is what pushes them into the segment. And, when it comes to these two SUVs, there’s certainly no denying that they both offer a good amount of interior space.

Compare the two, however, and you’ll find that the 2021 Honda Pilot offers a tad more interior space than its GMC competitor. Not only does it provide more headroom for first, second, and third-row passengers, but it also offers more shoulder room. The Pilot offers up more cargo space than the 2021 GMC Acadia too.

It boasts a lower starting price than its GMC competitor

For many car shoppers, a vehicle’s price is what’s most important to them. But can you blame them? No one wants to sign along the dotted line for a car that they can’t actually afford. So, how much then should you expect to spend on the 2021 Honda Pilot?

According to Honda’s website, a 2021 Honda Pilot LX with two-wheel drive and standard Honda Sensing safety and driver-assist technology starts at $32,250. Opt for the Pilot LX with Honda’s Intelligent Variable Torque Management all-wheel-drive system, and you’ll be spending about $34,250. At its most expensive, the Honda Pilot Black Edition will cost you $49,920.

As for the Acadia? If you choose the Acadia SLE or SLT, you can expect to spend a minimum of $33,600. The AT4, the off-road variant of the Acadia, gets its start at $41,100. And if it’s the range-topping Acadia Denali that you’ve got your heart set on? You can expect to spend at least $46,300.


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Is the 2021 Honda Pilot a good SUV?

The Honda Pilot has been a favorite among SUV shoppers for a long time. It’s roomy, competitively priced, and it comes standard with a V6 engine under its hood. Unfortunately for GMC shoppers, all of those things and more make the Honda Pilot a better choice than this year’s Acadia.