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The Honda e:N – what the heck is it? It sounds like Honda’s first robot, but it’s not. No, the Honda e:N is a futuristic electric truck that’s either following in the footsteps of the forthcoming Tesla Cybertruck or else paving its own way with its unique design. The Honda e:N isn’t alone; Honda plans on releasing five new electric vehicles in China. So what do we know about the Honda e:N, and is there a chance it could come to the United States?

A blue Honda e:N driving through a city.
Honda e:N | Honda

What is the Honda e:N?

The Honda e:N is one of Honda’s five new battery-powered electric vehicles. It’s not the first that will be released by Honda in China. No, that accolade goes to the e:NS1 and the e:NP1. Inside EVs says that these two Honda vehicles are basically electric versions of the Honda HR-V, a subcompact SUV.

The e:N fits into this scenario as a concept vehicle that is being built on its own dedicated platfom. This platform will be for a whole e:N series of vehicles, including the e:N Coupe, the e:N SUV, and the e:N GT. Out of these three, Honda says that at least one of them will begin production in 2024.

What does the Honda e:N SUV look like?

The Honda e:N SUV will have “monolithic proportions, sharp edges, and front end layouts, including the light signatures.” If you’re thinking that sounds a whole lot like the Tesla Cybertruck, you’d be right. The Cybertruck is also famous for its angular look and unique styling. Yet these two electric trucks and SUVs are only a part of a burgeoning electric vehicle class, one which also includes the Apple Car and the EdisonFuture EFT-1. Faced with the electrification of traditional and popular pickup trucks, these automakers are carving out their own niche by building SUVs and trucks that look like something out of science fiction movies.

The concept e:N is likely very different from what the final version will look like

Don’t fall too in love with the Honda e:N yet. Some of its features, like glass on the front and back fenders are unlikely to make it to the final version, according to Inside EVs. And we don’t know what the e:N interior will look like yet, because the windows are so tinted it’s impossible to see inside. Besides, they likely haven’t done much to the Honda e:N interior, since it is just a concept SUV.

The big question for those of us in the United States is: is it coming here? Right now there’s no set plan to bring the Honda e:N to the United States, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Honda plans to release ten e:N electric vehicles in China, some of which will be exported. There’s a decent chance that Honda may see fit for the United States to receive the Honda e:N SUV. Especially with it being competitive with the Tesla Cybertruck, this just might be the right market for the electric SUV.

If you’ve been hoping and wishing for a brand-new, unique electric SUV to come on the market, you just might be in luck with the Honda e:N. Sure, you’ll have to wait a couple of years until it becomes a reality, but if you’ve always wanted a glass fender, it just might be worth the wait.


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