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Nostalgia for all things 1980s is at an all-time high. The fashion, the music, and, of course, the cars have blown up into collectible and highly sought-after pieces. One of the champions of this trend is the venerable Toyota Pickup 4×4, the original Toyota pickup truck. Thanks to its unkillable motors and badass styling, these tiny ‘80s pickups have exploded on the collector car market. However, some lucky soul just snagged a particularly cool example of a 1985 Toyota Pickup Xtracab SR5 for a nice price. 

Toyota Pickup Truck Xtracab SR5 4×4 Hilux
Toyota Pickup Truck Xtracab SR5 4×4 Hilux | Bring-A-Trailer

How much is a 1980s Toyota Pickup SR5 worth? 

This is a fairly unanswerable question, but in general, Hagerty estimates a range from about $10,000-$35,000, of course, depending on trim package and condition. What was so fun about this model is that Toyota offered it in many different configurations, decal packages, and body styles. 

As seen on Silodrome, we are looking at a particularly cool Customized SR5 Xtracab version with insanely cool TRD decals that scream ‘80s. 

This example went to auction at Bring a Trailer, where it sold for the modest price of $24,485.

What makes the Toyota Pickup Xtracab SR5 4×4 special? 

Let’s break down the terminology quickly first. Aside from the legendary toughness of the model, these trucks were small, powerful, fuel-efficient, and unquestionably cool – just ask Marty McFly

The Toyota Hilux comes from a time when pickup trucks were two-seaters with nothing behind the seats other than some metal and a window. The “Xtracab” designation meant that a slightly extended cab gave drivers an extra foot (or so) of cab behind the seats for a little bit of storage. Not for nothing, but this extra cab room also gives the tiny truck a bit more beef for those who like a more substantial truck. 

The SR5 designation is another classic Toyota trim indicator that is still used today, although the meaning has changed. Originally, SR% stood for “Sport Rally 5.” The “5” in this case meant the truck had a 5-speed manual transmission, which this truck also has. 

As you might can tell, this truck isn’t an original factory example, which is, in part, a reason for the lower price. However, the things that make it non-original also are part of what makes this truck so cool. 

According to Silodrome, this 1985 third-gen Hilux has an added 6” suspension lift, 15″ alloy wheels with 33×12.5″ Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx tires, an updated Alpine stereo and speakers, and the incredibly cool multicolor Ivan “Ironman” Stewart graphics and racing decals. Other factory features include locking hubs, a receiver hitch, and a glass sunroof. The original cloth interior is also still intact. 

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Toyota Pickup Truck Xtracab SR5 4×4 Hilux
1985 Toyota Pickup Truck Xtracab SR5 4×4 Hilux | Bring-A-Trailer

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Although it makes me sad to have missed out on what seems like a great deal on a very cool truck, maybe another is around the bend. I know, $25k for an old pickup truck might not seem like a screaming deal on the surface, especially if you aren’t into old cars, but if you consider what it would cost to buy a comparable pickup truck in today’s market, maybe the old Toyota SR5 ain’ such a bad deal.