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Upon its release, the Chevy Trax was the punching bag of the Chevrolet lineup. But now, with a fresh redesign, it’s a top contender from this GM brand. The first Trax debuted in America for the 2015 model year, and it had only one selling point: It was cheap. However, it was also unappealing. The Trax looked like a bloated Chevy Spark and seemed destined to be replaced by the Trailblazer. Instead, Chevrolet reinvented the 2024 Trax as a wallet-friendly, active-lifestyle subcompact SUV.

And now, it’s one of the best vehicles in the lineup. Here’s everything you need to know about the Chevy Trax and what could happen to the Trailblazer now that the 2024 Trax is a success. 

What makes the 2024 Chevy Trax a great SUV?

2024 Chevy Trax Activ trim
2024 Chevy Trax Activ | Chevrolet

The 2024 Chvey Trax is an all-new redesigned model that acts as the second generation of the nameplate. It rides on the front-engine GM VSS-F platform and the front-wheel-drive chassis shared with the 2024 Buick Envista. The 2024 Trax is larger than its first-generation predecessor and the 2024 Trailblazer.

2024 Chevy Trax safety features driver assistance
2024 Chevy Trax RS interior | Chevrolet

What makes the 2024 Trax shine is its value for the price. Chevrolet starts this subcompact crossover at only $20,400 and packs plenty of standard features. The LS base model includes a fuel-efficient 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine, four-wheel disc brakes, active noise cancellation, Chevy Safety Assist, an easy-to-read 8.0-inch infotainment screen, and an 8.0-inch digital gauge cluster.

Other enticing features, like an optional 11-inch touchscreen, can be found in higher trim levels, such as the 1RS, LT, 2RS, and Activ. Regardless of the 2024 Chevy Trax trim, none starts above $25,000, making this sporty and sleek SUV one of the most affordable new vehicles.

How does the 2024 Chevy Trailblazer compare to the Trax?

A blue 2024 Chevy Trailblazer parked in front of a colorful mural
2024 Chevy Trailblazer | Chevrolet

Today’s Chevy Trailblazer is a subcompact crossover that began production for the 2021 model year. Instead of modeling it after the previous midsize SUV of the same name, Chevrolet reintroduced the Trailblazer as a little sibling to the new Blazer. It gives drivers Blazer-like styling and features in a smaller vehicle. Though the Trailblazer isn’t as affordable as the Trax, it’s still inexpensive — Chevrolet starts it at $23,100.

The automaker also gave the Trailblazer a mid-generation refresh for the 2024 model year. That includes a new 11-inch touchscreen as standard equipment, alongside an 8.0-inch digital gauge display. The Trailblazer also offers something the Trax doesn’t: multiple engine options.

The base model packs the same 1.2-liter three-cylinder powerplant, continuously variable transmission, and FWD drivetrain as the Trax. However, the Trailblazer also offers a 1.3-liter turbo-three paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

What does the Trailblazer’s future look like?

The Trailblazer will likely live on well into the next decade, and it looks like another generation is on the horizon. Though the 2024 Chevy Trax is fantastic, the Trailblazer provides a different experience.

The Chevy Trailblazer offers more standard features, AWD, and a larger engine than the Trax. Interestingly, though, the Trailblazer is smaller than the Trax, which helps keep these two subcompact SUVs around the same price point.

The 2024 Trax is an excellent crossover. It’s affordable, well-sized, and well-optioned. However, the Trailblazer is a better overall subcompact SUV for consumers who aren’t concerned about size but want features like AWD.