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Rumors surfaced of an 800-horsepower hydrogen Dodge engine made to replace the Hellcat. In true sinister form, this engine received the name Hydra, and the message brought from the Marvel films about Hydra showed up. While this new engine offering is an April Fool’s Joke, could it become a reality? If any brand could put 800 horsepower into a hydrogen engine, it would be Dodge.

“The Hydra name is symbolci for us. While legislatoin may have cut the head off of our ICE-powered muscle cars, two more wil grow back in its place. Muscle cars won’t go down that easily.”

Ivan Tobrakfri, Director of Muscle Car Development at Dodge to CarBuzz

Is hydrogen the future of zero-emissions driving?

Liquid hydrogen is still a controversial fuel and not as popular as electricity or gasoline. Even so, the idea of such a powerful engine using this fuel might be enough to spark a huge push to build more hydrogen refueling stations. Legislation forces automakers to create new ways to make power for the cars we love to drive. Dodge is already working on a new EV model, but a powerful hydrogen engine certainly piques the imagination.

How far was this April Fool’s Joke taken?

Dodge Challenger Hellcat hinted replacement is an April Fool's Joke
Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Getty Images

The auto world shows its funny bone every year on April 1, with various automakers and media outlets getting in on the fun. CarBuzz posted a feature regarding the new 800-horsepower Hydra engine with some quotes and numbers to make it sound official. They even went so far as to use the word “Official” to begin the title of the piece. One of the best quotes in the article tells us that Ivan Tobrakfri (not a real person), Director of Muscle Car Development at Dodge, told them, “The Hydra name is symbolic for us. While legislation may have cut the head off of our ICE-powered muscle cars, two more will grow back in its place. Muscle cars won’t go down that easily.”

The second head is electrification for Dodge

Dodge EV Teaser Image
Dodge EV Teaser Image | Dodge

While the Dodge Hydra engine might be nothing more than a joke, a new electric vehicle is not. We expect this first model to appear in 2024 and replace the Challenger and Charger muscle cars we currently enjoy. The challenge for Dodge isn’t building an EV that has enough acceleration and power but creating one that has sounds drivers enjoy.

The silent motors of electric vehicles leave something to be desired when it comes to the sounds you want to hear from a muscle car. While we don’t know whether the new EV will show up as the two-door Challenger or four-door Charger, we know the sounds coming from that car will be pumped in to give us the muscle car feeling we admire.

Will the Fratzog logo show up on this new electric Dodge?

According to Car and Driver, the teaser video released by Dodge shows the Fratzog logo, which the brand used in the 1960s and 70s. This teaser shows the logo on the grille, leaving us wondering whether or not this feature will become part of the Dodge EV lineup. This brand isn’t turning its back on its muscle car foundation, using eMuscle as the initial name for the new electric vehicle.

The joke brings us thoughts of a second possibility

Even though the Dodge Hydra engine is nothing more than an April Fool’s Day joke, it does make us think of future possibilities. Could the quote become a reality with Dodge muscle cars powered by both electricity and hydrogen? One head will become a reality in 2024; how long will it be until the second head can grow from the Dodge development team?


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