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Dodge is an interesting company that has seemingly gone against the grain since day one. Dodge has been noticeably slow to enter the EV space. While other brands were announcing spending billions in R&D on electric motors, Dodge kept making billion-hp muscle cars named after literal monster. However, unlike the early days of the Dodge Brothers, Stellantis now is at the helm of the Dodge brand, and things are changing. Now a new monstrous Dodge electric muscle car is coming, and supposedly it makes a “sound that you cannot imagine.” 

What will the Dodge EV sound like? 

This is a screen grab from the upcoming Dodge EV concept
Dodge electric muscle car concept teaser | Dodge

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares presented on the new Dodge eclectic muscle car in Amsterdam last week at a strategic planning meeting to discuss the venture into EVs. According to Motor1, before getting into the details of the plan for the brand to extend into the EV realm, he said that this new model will make a “sound that you cannot imagine.”

Dodge has a reputation for power, noise, and speed. And in sticking to that reputation, the upcoming Dodge electric muscle car has a hard road ahead. However, it seems like Stellantis is well aware of what needs to happen to get Dodge Charger and Challenger fans on board with an all-electric car. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a sound clip yet, but if we aren’t already excited enough, MotorTrend gives us a little more to chew on with another quote from the head honcho, “[the sound] is just so brilliant that it is shocking.” 

Will the Dodge electric muscle car sound be enough? 

The Cheif of the Dodge brand, Tim Kuniskis, was approached by Tavares some six months ago to address the Dodge fans’ take on an electric muscle car. His concern was keeping muscle cars enthusiasts interested in the brand once the gas-sucking monster V8s turn to zippy, earth-friendly future cars. 

According to MT, Kuniskis responded in classic Corpo fashion, a market study. The study showed that Dodge customers in their 30s are open to doing Dodge car stuff – ripping donuts and burnouts in parking lots – in EV. However, the lack of the V8 racket might hurt the car’s success. So, Dodge engineers designed a “shocking” sound fit for what, Dodge has claimed, will be the fastest production car. Tavares actually used the word “shocking.” 

Despite the apparent pun, the sound is said to be truly wild. Even still, the team is still working to make the Dodge EV sound even louder and more extreme. 

Stellantis has perspective 

As MotorTrend points out, the Chrysler leg of Stellantis is comprised of emotional brands. People don’t buy a Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Challenger hellcats because they are objectively good. That’s not to say they aren’t good in their own ways, but the truth is, these models are bought because customers love them. More specifically, they love the version of themselves they see driving a screaming Hellcat or carving new paths in a Wrangler. 

“Chrysler is one of the emotional pillars of the former FCA. It is important for us to give this grounded brand a future and an opportunity to rebound,” Tavares said. 

The rollout of this new EV plan for Stellantis and the Chrysler brand, in particular, will take shape with the first model to roll out, a production car based on the Chrysler Airflow concept. Even though this EV is coming soon, it won’t hit the lots until 2025. And let us not forget the promised insanity of whatever this Dodge EV concept will be. 


The Dodge Electric Muscle Car Is Coming and So Is the Return of the Mysterious Fratzog