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Food and fuel-powered cars often don’t go together, unless you’re talking about food trucks. But American restauranteur Guy Fieri just teamed up with American automaker Chevrolet to create an Apple Pie hot dog. But there’s more to it than just a strange flavor combo, as this culinary concoction started as an old Chevy advertisement campaign.

The apple pie hot dog recepie presented by Guy Fieri

It goes against everything you think a hot dog is, or everything you think apple pie is. But contrasting sweet and savory flavors often make for the best dishes, so by that logic, this should be no exception. While I’ve yet to make one, I’ll be factoring it into my weekend plans.

That said, Chevy didn’t just make this dish for the sake of it. In Dyersville Iowa, the MLB Field of Dreams game happened just last night, where the White Sox took on the Yankees and won with a walk-off home run. And to show their support, Chevy served the apple pie hot dog to the fans. And while that’s the only time it’d ever be sold in public, Fieri’s tutorial is enough for you to make your own at home.

It’s the perfect combination of baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet. But this isn’t the only time Chevy threw those three things together to make something great, as this unlikely food combo was sparked by an advertisement from the 70s.

The original ad where Chevrolet is America’s favorite car brand

In the era where catchy jingles reigned supreme, Chevy bestowed this classic advertisement. It combined the four things America loved most into a song that’s incredibly catchy (or incredibly annoying, depending on who you ask). And while it does call a hot dog a sandwich, a controversial opinion, there’s no denying that these are some of America’s favorite things.

Chevrolet is no stranger to great ads, with one of their most recent Olympic ads knocking it out of the park (baseball pun unintended). But if you dig further down the rabbit hole, you’ll find this ad campaign doesn’t end with Chevrolet.

Holden, General Motor’s Australian brand, got in on the ad action too


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General Motors, the parent company of Chevrolet and the now-defunct Australian brand Holden, decided to give Holden a catchy jingle too. Though, down under, it’s football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Holden cars. It’s a much more risque ad than the original Chevrolet version, with a couple of jokes the kids may not understand. But hey, Australia in the 70s was a wild place, and even though it doesn’t have Holden anymore, it still is.

What started as a catchy 70s jingle for Chevrolet spiraled into an apple pie hot dog made by the mayor of flavor town, with a bit of bacon and mustard to top it all of. It’s a strange segway, an unexpected domino effect, but it’s also plain fun. Now fire up your ovens and make some apple pie hot dogs, watch some baseball, and maybe browse a few Chevrolets.