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New Year’s Eve is a big night for many— drinking, dancing, partying, and frivolity reign supreme to ring in the new year. However, over-indulgence in alcohol and other substances has no place behind the wheel of a car. To stem the tide of tragic and preventable accidents, several U.S. cities have programs in place to get you home safely. Read about NYE programs to stem the tide of drunk driving in Los Angeles (LA), Austin, and more.

These cities have New Year’s Eve programs to get drivers home safely on one of the biggest party nights of the year

A person reaches for their keys to get home by drunk driving.
Drivers can use free NYE programs instead of foolishly driving drunk | Ilya Burdun via iStock

If you live in one of these cities, you can access free services to ensure you get home safely. 

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Washington D.C.
  • Waco, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Frederick County, MD

This is far from a comprehensive list. Unfortunately, trends of driving under the influence (DUI) have forced many cities across the United States to offer free services. Fortunately, the services mean you can make a smart, cost-effective plan to get home after sending off the old year in style. 

Of course, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) isn’t just concerned with drunk driving. Instead, the agency reports that 26% of impaired driving deaths in a 2019-2021 study were under the influence of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is an active ingredient in marijuana and can impair a driver’s ability to make judgments and reactions.

LA offers free metro rides while Frederick County will get you– and your car– home after your celebrations

Many cities are offering free public transportation rides to encourage would-be drunk drivers to ride buses and light rail to get home on New Year’s Eve. LA is one of those cities, with free LA Metro rides from 09:00 PM on December 31st to 02:00 AM on January 1st. 

However, Frederick County, MD offers a program called “SOS Safe Ride.” According to DC News Now, the program involves volunteer drivers picking up an intoxicated driver in the driver’s car. The second driver follows the first and the patron. Once the service user is home with their vehicle, the two drivers head to the next call. 

Be sure to check out your local media to confirm whether or not your city or region has a similar program!