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There is a new Hummer on the block! The GMC Hummer electric vehicle is finally coming out in April. Hummer has decided to walk away from the current gas-guzzling image and move toward being the all-electric side of GMC.

What do we know so far about the Hummer SUV and truck? Enough to get excited.

What we know about the GMC Hummer EV so far

Car and Driver is reporting that the newest all-electric Hummer will premiere on April 3 at the NCAA Final Four broadcast. The Hummer EV has a similar look to the new Hummer pickup truck that is also being released.

GMC is calling this the world’s first supertruck getting an estimated 1000 hp with 11,500 lb-ft of torque. It is also rumored to go 0-60mph in 3.0 seconds with a range of up to 400 miles on a full charge.

The Hummer page on the GMC website claims the SUV can charge 100 miles in 10 minutes, but that is to be determined.

The electric hummer is also supposedly offering super-fast charging for the new Ultium battery pack. Since the pickup truck is coming in various models, we can assume the SUV will as well. These are the three-motor EV3X and two-motor EV2X and EVmodels.

The Hummer website also notes that it has the ability to crabwalk, which means it drives diagonally. This sounds like a function specifically tailored to the off-roading crowd, but who knows. Maybe crab-walking through the mall parking lot at Christmas will have its benefits.

Will the truck and SUV be fully electric?

Yes, indeed. But if the stats offered are anything to go by, the 2022 Hummer seems to do it all. Once the Hummer truck comes out, we will have a better look at how this electric vehicle is set to perform.

It is getting power from three electric motors to generate the 1000 hp it is estimated to get. It will also be an all-wheel-drive platform to help crab walk around off-road.

The SUV also is rumored to have removable glass roof panels to offer a more open-air off-roading feeling. Having 1,000 estimated base horsepower for odd-roading sounds good, but what exactly does the Hummer need all of that for?

How much will the new Hummer cost?


The 2022 GMC Hummer EV Has a Serious Identity Crisis

The Hummer truck EVsays the MSRP is $79,995 and delivery isn’t until Spring of 2024. For the EV2X , this truck is slated for Spring 2023 and is listed at $89,995. The EV3X model says Fall of 2022 for $99,995.

The EV Edition 1 truck is currently sold out, but it should be on the market in the Fall of this year. If this is any indication of the SUV timeline, we won’t see these on the road for a while.

The pricing of the Hummer SUV will likely be similar in price, if not more for the extra potential third-row of seats. Tune in on April 3 to find out more details with the rest of us.