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The GM Ultium Platform will help power all of the newest electric vehicles from the brands like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC. What makes the Ultium Platform unique to GM? The shape and ability to “stack” the cells to allow for faster charging.

What is the GM Ultium Platform?

GM Ultium Platform
The GM Ultium Platform | GM

The GM Ultium Platform is GM’s response to the switch to electric vehicles. GM engineered the new battery to charge quickly, fit into a variety of cars, and offer flexibility for drivers. GM is aiming to offer 30 new electric vehicles globally by 2025, which is rapidly approaching. The Ultium Platform includes a modular battery and drive unit. As a result, the battery is flexible enough to fit trucks, SUVs, cars, and commercial vehicles. It will also offer a wireless charging network.

All of the big EV automakers have been working on batteries lately. This helps lower the cost of production and gives the automaker more flexibility with pricing. But the GM Ultium Platform is one of the more extensive batteries. It will fit in various larger SUVs and trucks like the All-Electric Silverado and GMC Hummer EV.

The GM Ultium Platform is an important step towards the electric future

The new GM Ultium Platform is supposed to offer super-fast charging for vehicles, cutting times at charging stations. Cars like the GMC Hummer EV will have a few trim levels, such as a three-motor EV3X, two-motor EV2X, and EVmodels. With multiple motors, more power from the batteries is necessary.

Due to the design of the battery, Car and Driver notes that automakers can add 12 modules on top of another 12 modules to create a group of 24. These 24 modules would offer a total of 200.0-kWh net capacity, necessary for the more oversized vehicles. In fact, on the GMC Hummer, the batteries can be switched from a parallel to a series connection. This doubles to voltage to 800 volts, which is what fast-charging stations utilize.

“The flexibility and scale are what will unlock our all-electric future. When we first saw how the architecture started to gel, the portfolio just exploded with diversity,” Andy Oury, GM Battery Engineer, said. The high-voltage battery packs are just the beginning. The GMC Hummer EV is slated to have 1,000 hp and is ready to off-road with confidence thanks to the GM Ultium Platform.

The new Hummer and All-Electric Silverado are part of the revolution

The electric vehicle revolution is just ramping up, and GM is ready. GM wants to get everyone into an EV soon enough and even titled the movement Generation E. The GM Ultium Platform is slated to be “the heartbeat of our all-electric future—and thanks to Ultium’s pouch cell design, we will easily accommodate a wide range of EV styles and sizes.”

As Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac start to roll out more vehicles, the Ultium Platform will simplify the charging experience across the board. It might take a while to see the results of this project, but the newest and coolest EVs will start rolling out soon enough with the GM Ultium Platform front and center.


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