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Looking back on the final month of 2022, it’s a great time to review the vehicle sales for the different car automakers. General Motors stands at the top with 16.2% of the market share, while Toyota follows close behind with 15.3%. Here’s a closer look at the top two brands’ sales figures and how their best-selling vehicles performed.

A lot full of GM SUVs
GM SUVs | Jeffrey Sauger/Bloomberg via Getty Images

General Motors’ total sales from January to November 2022

For January 2022, GM played second fiddle to Toyota with 14.2% of the market share, according to Mark Lines. Meanwhile, its Japanese counterpart took 15.8%. That said, both car manufacturers saw a decline in sales compared to January 2021.

For General Motors, it was from 201,954 to 142,574, while Toyota’s sales dropped from 167,936 to 158,676.

GM took first place from Toyota in February with 15.3% of the market thanks to 161,718 units sold. Toyota, on the other hand, sold only 160,645 units. In the months since General Motors has maintained its slight lead on Toyota.

Also, 2021’s GM numbers are significantly better than the 2022 figures for the period between January and July. However, the August to November figures tell a different story. September, for instance, saw over a 75,000 increase in units sold compared to the same month in 2021.    

Currently, GM’s sales for the first 11 months of 2022 stand at 2,038,263 units, a 324-unit decrease from the units sold in the same period for 2021. However, at the current going rate, the automaker may finish the year strong and even improve on 2021’s total numbers.

GMs best selling models to date

As for the brand’s best-selling model, the Chevrolet Silverado is at the top of the list, with 465,085 units sold. This is down from the 480,089 units sold during the same period in 2021. Perhaps indicative of America’s love for trucks, the second-highest-selling GM vehicle, the GMC Sierra, is also a truck.

Toyota’s total sales from January to November 2022

Between March and November this year, Toyota sold 1,607,879 units, bringing the total number to 1,927,200 for the first 11 months. In 2021, it sold 2,158,415 units.

Similar to General Motors, the first few months of the year saw Toyota sales dip from what they were in 2021. However, compared to GM, Toyota figures started recovering a month late when 175,577 units were sold in September compared to 151,378 units for the same month in 2021.

October and November saw a similar trend, although, unlike GM, Toyota couldn’t sell enough vehicles during this period to make up the difference. However, now that the figures are on an upward trend, 2023 may see Toyota’s sales increase significantly from 2022.  

Toyota’s best-selling models to date

Despite no longer being the country’s best-selling automaker, Toyota dominates the list of 10 best-selling models with four entries. At the top is the Toyota RAV4. That said, the sales have still dropped from 373,589 2021 to 366,800 to 2022.

The Toyota Camry follows suit with 268,309 units sold. By November 2021, the figures were 292,727 showing an 8.3% decline.

The last two are a truck and an SUV in the form of the Toyota Tacoma and the Highlander. The Tacoma had a 6.7% decrease in sales from 233,218 to 217,511. As for the Highlander, it had the brand’s largest percentage decline on the list at 17.7%. The actual sales numbers dropped from 245,476 to 201,997.

Ultimately, while GM hasn’t really increased sales much compared to 2021, it has managed to keep them steady compared to Toyota, which saw its sales decline by 10%.


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