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When you look at the Glenfrome Facet SUV, what’s your first impression? If your’s was like ours, we can’t say it in public. But you must ask yourself if this isn’t the ugliest-looking SUV ever made. We don’t know where to begin to describe this monstrosity, but we’ll start with what it is and where it came from. 

In advertising, it is both a luxury sport coupe and one of the best off-roaders ever made. At least until the 1980s, when the Glenfrome Facet came onto the off-road scene. Glenfrome of England advertising espoused the Facet’s “ultra futuristic” design. Um, OK.

What kind of body and frame did the Facet SUV have?

Silver 1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV
1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV | Glenfrome

It is built on the bones of the new 110 Range Rovers from its facility in Bristol. Being a Range Rover, it is definitely stellar off-road. That is with the enhancement of V8 power and five-speed manual transmission, and of course, four-wheel drive. Add to that a lightweight fiberglass body, it must have been quite an improvement on a stock Range Rover.

There were still creature comforts, however. Air conditioning, lift-off roof panels, an electronically operating bonnet, and a rear window all gave open-air trekking on any surface. We suspect the sort-of Targa roof caught some buyers’ eyes, and there were buyers in spite of its outrageous price.

How much was the Facet SUV?

1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV on grass
1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV | Glenfrome

In 1983 the Facet was £50,000, which today is £215,868.62. That amounts to over $275,000 adjusted for modern inflation in U.S. dollars. Does the Facet look like a $275,000 SUV to you? Even a $75,000 SUV?

Yet, Glenfrome made an incredible 50 of these things. Yes, 50 buyers stepped up at that price. Now, the Facet was marketed mostly to the Middle East, according to below-the-radar. We’re sure the price was secondary compared to the lure of such an exclusive off-roader. 

1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV on grass with trees
1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV | Glenfrome

Glenfrome was known for its Range Rover conversions. Its first was the tamer-looking Ashton, another two-door SUV. Then came the Facet, followed by the Filton, Clifton, and a Clifton notchback called Dyrham. Complaints over the small size of the 124-inch wheelbase Fulton paved the way for the 133-inch wheelbase Westbury. 

Did Glenfrome make any other ugly SUVs?

1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV low angle shot
1983 Glenfrome Facet SUV | Glenfrome

Later Glenfrome creations were mostly military-looking SUVs that found more serviceable design directions than the Facet. In fact, of its various SUVs over the years, the Facet was by far the most outrageous

Examples showing up in the U.S. are rarer than rare, but a rose-color Facet does pop up on occasion, located in the South. It’s hard to miss with its pinkish paint and murder-red interior. Of course, maybe their being rare is car enthusiasts’ salvation.


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