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Genesis originally produced sedans exclusively after becoming the separate luxury wing of Hyundai, but the automaker has since rolled out a lineup of compact, midsize, and all-electric SUVs. As expected, the brand’s SUVs are proving to be more popular among consumers than their sedan counterparts as Genesis continues its efforts to challenge more established luxury marques. Let’s dive into Genesis sales figures.

Genesis’ SUVs are a hit among new car buyers

Genesis has been picking up steam as of late, underscored by the automaker surpassing one million vehicles sold worldwide since the automaker debuted in the luxury ranks in late 2015. Most notably, Genesis claims that about half of the models sold globally have been moved since mid-2021.

According to sales statistics from GoodCarBadCar, 2023 has been a stellar year for Genesis overall, particularly for its SUVs.

Through September, the compact GV70 has been the most popular offering from the automaker’s stable. Over 18,600 models were sold during the first nine months of the year, a 40% increase over annual sales through Q3 of 2022. Notably, the GV70 has surpassed the sales of some more established luxury SUVs this year, including the Lincoln Nautilus, Cadillac XT4, Tesla Model X, and Lincoln Corsair.

The midsize GV80 SUV is second in the automaker’s sales ranks, with nearly 13,700 units moved through September of this year, an 8.4% increase over 2022.

Electric versions of both the GV70 and GV80 are available, though sales figures don’t differentiate between sales of the ICE and EV versions. However, Genesis’ first stand-alone EV SUV, the GV60, has more than doubled its sales from this point last year. Over 2,200 compact GV60s have been sold through September, a 113% increase over 2022.

In total, 7,544 more GV60, GV70, and GV80 models were sold through Q3 this year than in 2022. For perspective, that sales increase is more than the total number of Cadillac XT4s sold so far this year.

Genesis sedan sales are also on the rise

The Genesis sales success isn’t limited to its SUVs. The automaker is moving more of its sedans as well this year, just not at the same rate as their crossover stablemates.

The compact G70 sedan, which competes with the likes of the BMW 3 Series, Audi A5, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, is third in overall sales for Genesis this year. The automaker sold 10,683 units through September, a 7.35% increase over 2022 annual sales through Q3. Annual sales of the G70 have eclipsed those of the Audi A3 while outpacing the Mercedes CLA-Class by several thousand units.

Midsize G80 sales are up 33%, with 4,126 units sold, while the full-size G90 sales have increased 30% so far this year, with 1,022 models moved.

Overall, 2023 is shaping up to be a record year for Genesis sales. GoodCarBadCar stats show the automaker’s sales were up 13% in 2022 with 56,198 units sold, and the brand is already nearing that mark just through Q3 with over 50,000 units moved.


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