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Genesis may be one of the newest brands in the auto world, but it’s already making a name for itself with great vehicles like the GV80. And like other automakers, it’s slowly transitioning away from conventional cars and into EVs. The Genesis GV60 will be the luxury brand’s first EV, and though it’ll have wireless charging capability, customers will have to wait a while for it.

The Genesis GV60 will set an example

The dark-blue front seats and dashboard of a chartreuse 2023 Genesis GV60 electric crossover SUV
2023 Genesis GV60 cockpit | Hyundai Motor Company

Because Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury brand, each Genesis is essentially a more luxurious Hyundai. This will allow Hyundai to push the limits of what its cars can do. In the GV60’s case, Genesis based the EV on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform for EVs. Hyundai built the Ioniq 5 with this platform, and now, Genesis is building the GV60 off of it. 

That said, not much else is known about the GV60 right now. Genesis said it designed the new EV to have a “high-performance image.” This can be seen in its exterior design on the sides and the rear especially. For instance, a fixed rear-wing spoiler reinforces the GV60’s sporty image. But while Genesis elaborated on a few other design choices, it did not provide any specs or details about the compact crossover’s performance just yet.

The Genesis GV60 will definitely have wireless charging, eventually 

However, one certain detail is that the GV60 will have wireless charging capability, Green Car Reports says. But the rollout will be slow. Genesis will begin selling the 2023 GV60 next year, but only cars in South Korea will have access to wireless charging tech. The automaker will test wireless charging there later in 2022. If all goes well, it could enable wireless charging everywhere else.

But no matter what, it seems likely the Genesis GV60 will be the first EV in America and Europe with wireless charging capability, Green Car Reports says. Technically speaking, BMW makes EVs with wireless charging capability, but it’s still testing those. In addition, the GV60 also has a chance to become the first mass-produced car with wireless charging capability. However, it’ll be a close race between the GV60 and a few Chinese models.

Not much else is known about the GV60’s wireless charging capabilities, but it should be good, Autoblog reports. However, wireless charging might only be an option on the GV60. Pricing is unknown right now, but that option could cost about $800, based on wireless charging systems from other companies. But while customers wait for wireless charging, they can play with Genesis’ Crystal Sphere feature.

The Crystal Sphere ties the car together


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According to Autoblog, for some reason, Genesis seems to have focused on the GV60’s Crystal Sphere feature more than the wireless charging. Indeed, Genesis talked a lot about how important the Crystal Sphere feature is. In fact, Genesis boasted, “The Crystal Sphere is one of the most compelling design elements of the GV60.”

According to the luxury automaker, the Crystal Sphere is actually just a sphere-shaped shift-by-wire system. That said, it also has some neat and fun features. For instance, when the GV60 is off, the Crystal Sphere will act as mood lighting for the car. When the GV60 is on, the Crystal Sphere will rotate as it performs its shift-by-wire functions.

And because of the Crystal Sphere’s location, it’ll also look like it’s floating. Thanks to those features, the Crystal Sphere should provide an “emotional connection” between the driver and the car, Genesis claims.