Hyundai’s E-GMP Electric Platform To Underpin Their Next Generation of Vehicles

Most manufacturers are looking at how to electrify all or part of their portfolio of offerings. Cars, trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and even commercial fleet vehicles will all have some form of electric representation in the next couple of years. Hyundai isn’t sitting still either. They have been working on the E-GMP, or Electric Global Modular Platform, with the hopes of having it underpin future generations of their electric vehicle products. Now comes word that the official reveal of the electric platform is right around the corner. 

Hyundai has a new electric platform

A blue Hyundai Kona Electric car sits on display next to a recharging unit.
Hyundai Kona Electric car during Mondial Paris Motor Show in Paris, France | Daniel Pier/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Today, Hyundai dropped a teaser video about the new electric platform. Many found it,… shocking (insert eye roll). Their new E-GMP platform, which was suspected to be a future thing, apparently looks to be ready now. The video posted below shows the new platform. But, in the surprising move, it also says that the full reveal will be October 21st. That’s Wednesday! 

The video was picked up by Korean Car Blog, but isn’t posted on the official Hyundai Youtube channel. So, there is some trepidation in accepting it fully. The caption for the video says,

“Hyundai Motor Group will present E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform), the technological milestone for EV. Take a world-first look at the EV-dedicated platform that will enable fast charging capability and plentiful driving range.”

Additional information is out there on the electric future

After a little more searching online through recent news, leaks, blogs, and forums, it has become apparent that this new platform will be underpinning several models. Furthermore, some of those models will be amongst us as quickly as their next generations, meaning in the next two to five years. Indeed, Hyundai plans to have a portfolio of products that has 11 all-electric models by 2025. Hybrids will also be added to that number. 

The electric platform is allegedly going to underpin a new mid-size crossover called the Ioniq 5, according to Car and Driver. That could happen as soon as next year, though it would be introduced as a 2022 model. However, the name Ioniq 5 may or may not stick around. 

Electric vehicles are not a new thing for Hyundai


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Electric vehicles are not a new thing for Hyundai. The manufacturer current-ly (get it? Current?) has several electric models. The Kona Electric, and Ioniq Electric are in the lineup. The company also has hybrids represented with the Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-In Hybrid, and Ioniq Hybrid, and Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid. 

It seems like Hyundai is working at… light speed (another eye roll, I know) in its quest to electrify its lineup. So, the recent video tease and other news begs the question, what will really happen Wednesday. It is conceivable that the debut of the new electric skateboard chassis and the debut of the Ioniq 5 will happen together. This means the reveal that’s only a day away could conceivably pack a double punch. Whatever happens, electric fans probably have… a spark (okay, I’ll stop) of excitement as they wait for the reveal.