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You may not recognize the name Foxconn, but chances are the company is a part of your life. If you own an iPhone, Foxconn assembled it, and now they’re assembling electric cars and even an electric bus. But rather than coming up with an original name, the Taiwanese tech giant chose the name “Model T.” Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Foxconn Model T Electric Bus
Foxconn Model T Electric Bus | Foxconn

The Model T goes from the first production car to an electric bus

Way back in the early days of Tesla, the budding electric car manufacturer got in trouble with Ford for wanting to use the name “Model E.” That’s why Elon’s car ended up being called the Model 3, so we can only imagine the backlash Foxconn will receive from Ford over the name of their new electric bus.

The Model T electric bus (which from here on shall be referred to as, the Model T, for ease of understanding) is an excellent vehicle with an unfortunate and confusing name. Having been subjected to 125,000 miles of testing, Foxconn boasts that the Model T can go 250 miles per charge, and reach a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

For an electric car, those numbers would sound lackluster. But this is an electric bus, with room for more passengers, that’ll only operate in city conditions. But Foxconn didn’t just build a bus and call it a day. They also debuted two models that’ll bring electric cars to the Taiwanese masses. Though, their names are oddly similar to another electric car company.

Foxconn wants you to confuse their electric car models with Tesla as well

Foxconn Model C Electric Crossover (Top) and Model E Electric Car (Bottom)
Foxconn Model C Electric Crossover (Top) and Model E Electric Car (Bottom) | Foxconn

Behold, the Model C crossover and Model E electric sedan, both of which boast some impressive stats. We’ll start with the Model C, which can seat seven while managing 435 miles per charge. While Foxconn didn’t reveal the size and specs of their electric car battery, that impressive range is partly due to the .27 coefficient of drag. For perspective, the Tesla Model S is currently the most aerodynamic car on sale. It has a drag coefficient of .24. And since it can slip through the air, the Model C manages a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds.

But the real performance monster Foxconn revealed is the Model E, a sleek sedan designed by Pininfarina. With a 740 horsepower motor, the Model E can blast from 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. On top of that, it has the best range of the bunch, at 466 miles per charge. However, the most notable feature of the car is the interior, which only seats three. The driver sits alone at the front of the car, while two more passengers can sit in the back.

So if these cars do end up going into production, then you’ll have the Model S competing with the Model E, and the Model X with the Model C. And don’t even get me started about the Model T. You should be very confused, but chances are you won’t get the cars mixed up, since they’ll likely never be on sale in the same markets.

Why the Model T, E, and C probably won’t face consequences for their naming convention

Foxconn Company Headquarters
Foxconn Company Headquarters | Ceng Shou Yi/NurPhoto via Getty Images

For starters, Foxconn isn’t producing any of their models as of yet, and they likely won’t for years. But once they do, these electric cars will hit Taiwanese roads first. That means Ford doesn’t have much say over the name since the cars aren’t hitting American soil. Likewise, Foxconn is the leading producer of semiconductors, so there’s a chance Ford relies on them to maintain its supply chain.

Eventually, the brand may expand to Europe and China, where Teslas are sold, but by then, the cars will likely experience a name change. After all, the Toyota Corolla did it when it came to the states, which directly translates to the Toyota Crown.

But in reality, the Model T, the Model E, and the Model C are just displays of Foxconn’s electric car endeavors. The production cars will likely be different, and if Foxconn has any sense, they’ll be named different too.

Gee whiz, if I have to write the word “Model” again, I might sue Foxconn myself. Won’t someone please come up with an original name for their electric cars?


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