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Images of the menu and pricing at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix concessions are circulating, and the internet is crying over them. However, the prices are actually heavily reduced from the 2023 menu. Let’s dig in.

This year, the menu touted many of the same chilled and warmed options. The dishes were meant to serve four people. Even then, the costs were astronomical for what some call “Gastropub” fare. 

A view of two F1 cars racing in the 2024 F1 Miami GP
Eva Marie Uzcategui/Anadolu via Getty Images

For instance, a platter of wings rang up at $190. A plate of mixed fruit also had a sticker price of $190. For the budget unconscious, lobster rolls were $280, and chilled prawns were $290. You could add an ounce of caviar to any dish for an extra $400.

Today, the internet seems most displeased at the nachos. While “elevated” with carne asada, the nachos touted a hefty $180 asking price.

In 2023, BroBible covered the insane costs of snacks at last year’s Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. We can see that the menu also featured carne asada nachos. Shockingly, the menu states $275. I’m not saying we shouldn’t still feel shaken by yesterday’s menu, but a nearly $100 price reduction is quite a dip, no doubt.

Incredibly, the F1 platter, which remained on the menu for 2024 and includes chicken tenders, was listed for $500 in 2023. How did racing fans tolerate shelling out half a grand for some tendies? The new price reduction might be a direct reflection of their sentiment: this year, it was only $290.

In 2023, general admission tickets were $590 per day, much less than the $150 per day in 2024. For a seat at the 2024 Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, prices ranged from $600 to more than $1,200.