Former SEMA Award Winner For Sale

The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show is a big deal. The SEMA show, as it is commonly called, brings representatives from thousands of automotive aftermarket companies across the nation, and even across the globe. New automotive products and entire product lines are launched at this event. To show some of these new products best, there are a lot of SEMA builds sharing the floor space at the convention center. One of those SEMA builds was the 1998 Ford Expedition XLT Sea Scape concept truck. 

A white nautical themed Ford Expedition parked at a car show.
1998 Ford Expedition Sea Scape SEMA concept with boat bumpers | Doug Tabbutt via Cars&Bids

The Ford Expedition

As you may recall, the Ford Expedition is a full-size, four-door SUV. In the 1990s the SUV craze was just starting, and the economy was good. So, people were throwing money at dealerships for SUVs left and right. The Expedition did well for Ford.  

Accessories galore at SEMA

But, an Expedition is not enough. Auto enthusiasts often like to accessorize their vehicles to make it their own. SEMA is a place that shows all the accessories that can be added to SUVs, or any car for that matter. So, a company called Advanced Automotive Technologies decided to do a nautical themed Expedition to showcase their work for the 1999 SEMA show. 

A view of the built in sun deck on the Sea Scape Expedition
1998 Ford Expedition Sea Scape SEMA concept | Doug Tabbutt via Cars&Bids

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The Sea Scape edition of the Expedition

This Expedition is not your ordinary SUV. It cost over $100,000 to build. It had a matching 30-foot boat at one time. But, at some point, it got separated. The body has had the back roof chopped off behind the rear seats and above the window line. The new back area there is a built-in sun deck with marine grade cushions. There are also teak wood trim bits scattered about and aluminum boat rails on the sides in the rear. This Sea Sea Scape Expedition won SEMA award for the 1999 Best Ford Concept Truck.

White leather interior of the Sea Scape Ford Expedition concept
1998 Ford Expedition Sea Scape SEMA concept | Doug Tabbutt via Cars&Bids

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The SEMA award winner is for sale

The Sea Scape Expedition has turned up on the new Cars & Bids website. It is in rough shape. It looks like time has been hard on it. There is significant cracking evident on Bondo work that has been performed on the SUV. The panoramic roof has either been removed or shattered at one point, as it is now covered over with wood. The interior seems to be in a little better condition, though not by much. White and blue leather covers the seats and the dash.

Passenger side profile of the SEMA Sea Scape Expedition concept
1998 Ford Expedition Sea Scape SEMA concept | Doug Tabbutt via Cars&Bids

The Expedition left SEMA’s show and ended up in the hands of a couple in Mississippi. That’s where the current owner picked it up. He’s had it a short time and made a few repairs. He debated restoring it, but instead, it has made it to the website where right now, the SUV has no reserve on the action. The current bid is at $2,000. There have been six bids so far. The listing has over 40 pictures. There is a video of the Sea Scape below.

If owning a former SEMA award-winning SUV is something that attracts you, or if you have a matching boat yourself and need a tow rig, this might be your winning ticket. The Sea Scape Expedition is priced inexpensively and ready to move. However, beware, it needs a lot of repairs. Also, the 1990s might call to get their SUV back.