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GMC just stopped taking orders for its bloated Hummer EV. If you want one, it’s not for off-road excursions or work truck needs, it’s about exclusivity, the price, and having a four-wheel drive vehicle that’s unique. But these 10,000 lb posers are just that. If you want a real military 4×4 with genuine versatility anywhere and in any setting, forget the Hummer and get a Paramount Maatla SUV. The Hummer doesn’t even come close.

South Africa’s Paramount Group wasn’t fooling around when it created this safari SUV. No Hummer or Mercedes G-Wagen can match it. Just look at this behemoth. And it’s much more than skin deep.

What kind of military SUV is the Maatla?

Maatla SUV
Paramount Group Maatla armored SUV | PG

It is armor-plated, and advertised as a “light armored all-terrain vehicle.” Built on a commercial vehicle chassis, it can handle up to nine passengers. For use during dark nights, it has day/night vision technology, so it can be used continuously night and day. 

Passengers need not fear, as the Maatla offers STANAG 4569 level 1 ballistic protection. That amounts to being able to withstand M26 grenade blasts underneath, and small caliber rounds. “Personnel safety and soldier survivability in the field are key priorities of the Paramount Group’s design and manufacturing philosophy,” said Deon Grobler, CEO of Paramount Land Systems.

What is Maatla’s “Smart Floor” feature?

Maatla SUV
Paramount Group Maatla armored SUV | PG

“The Maatla is a multi-purpose vehicle, offering excellent cross-country performance and reliability, and offers near infinite-configurability in terms of onboarding mission-specific equipment, weapons, and armor scalability.” It features what it calls its “Smart Floor” versatility. This means the Maatla can be quickly converted into a patrol vehicle, ambulance, military support vehicle, command vehicle, or to keep the peace and also policing.  

“Our customers can now take full advantage of three decades of armored vehicle innovation, engineering excellence, and market leadership, but in a lighter class vehicle designed in response to changing customer requirements,” said Eric Ichikowitz, senior vice president of Paramount International. “We are very excited to offer border patrol, gendarmerie, police units, and armed forces in Africa and around the world, with best-in-class technologies and capability. The vehicle’s lighter weight and commercial components ultimately enable greater customer affordability and faster production rates.”

Maatla SUV
Paramount Group Maatla armored SUV | PG

And the specs are impressive, given its weight and size. The top speed is 65 mph with a 375-mile range at 50 mph. The powertrain consists of a two-speed transfer case and a lock mechanism for three differentials. It can carry a two-ton payload and can navigate through 30 inches of water. That’s no excuses off-road chops. And the Maatla has an operating temperature of between 14 degrees and 130 degrees. 

Remember Top Gear’s Paramount Marauder?

Marauder SUV
Paramount Group Marauder armored SUV | PG

If you remember Top Gear’s Paramount Marauder, the Maatla is like its little brother. With its smaller size making for easier maneuverability, It might be the better choice. Compared to the Hummer EV, it definitely is. 

Paramount has not revealed its price or availability. We doubt it will make it to our shores. But given the chance to buy one, if you can afford a GMC Hummer, you should consider the Paramount Maatla instead.


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