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The 2023 Ford Escape PHEV has become a high-demand model, riding the recent popularity of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). The plug-in hybrid Ford Escape caught drivers’ attention with its blend of traditional gas-powered convenience, electric vehicle (EV) capabilities, and SUV practicality. But if you want to order an Escape PHEV, you will have to wait a little longer. 

A light blue 2023 Ford Escape PHEV sits in front of a corporate building in bright daylight.
2023 Ford Escape PHEV l Ford Motor Company

When can I order a plug-in hybrid Ford Escape?

Those looking to order a new Escape PHEV have run out of time for the current model year. According to Ford Authority, orders for the 2023 Escape PHEV closed at the end of January. With order banks closed for 2023 models, many will have to wait to order a 2024 Escape PHEV. 

The situation becomes even more complicated if not all 2023 Escape PHEV orders are fulfilled. Per Ford Authority’s reporting, Ford has not committed to rolling over unfulfilled 2023 orders to 2024 models. Customers must submit new orders to get in line for a 2024 Escape PHEV. Those who could not submit an order for a 2023 model could face even longer waits. 

Finding a plug-in hybrid Escape on dealer lots might also become difficult. Typically, dealerships can still place orders after retail orders have closed. This window can help to ensure stocked inventories. But Ford Authority reports that the automaker has not committed to this option for its dealer network, leaving it in a similar situation to customers.

The charge port door of a plug-in hybrid Escape sits ajar as the SUV charges.
2023 Ford Escape PHEV Charging l Ford Motor Company

Is the 2023 Ford Escape PHEV delayed?

Ford did not decide to close 2023 Escape PHEV orders without reason. Various factors have led to difficulties in securing new plug-in hybrid Escape models. Namely, increasing demand for electrified SUVs and continuous supply hurdles have created a supply/demand bottleneck. 

Supply chain entanglements continue to cause production and delivery delays across the industry. Ford has dealt with supply and quality issues regarding a range of Escape PHEV features, as stated by Ford Authority. The manufacturer has even gone as far as to remove model options to help avoid unfulfilled orders.

The rear lift gate of a 2023 Ford Escape PHEV in light blue.
2023 Ford Escape PHEV l Ford Motor Company

The Escape PHEV has garnered much attention from drivers for its mix of EV-like performance and hybrid convenience. Others have said it before — Escape PHEVs go a step further than Escape Hybrid performance with bigger, chargeable batteries and full electric driving modes but offer the range extension and peace of mind that come with gas engines. They are popular options for folks who are not ready to commit to an EV fully but like the benefits of electrification. 

This newer performance technology comes wrapped in a familiar appearance, as the Escape nameplate has been a staple in the Ford lineup for more than two decades. It gives drivers a practical and approachable SUV to test the electrified-vehicle waters. 

Released this past October, the 2023 Escape PHEV caught many eyes with its updated looks and new technology features. A sensible update to an already highly-regarded compact SUV drew attention and demand. Now we await the release of a 2024 Escape PHEV — and its order availability. 

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