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We have great news for Ford Maverick fans out there. If you’ve missed your chance to jump on this little truck, don’t worry. A few upgrades are on the way to increase production and pump out more 2024 Ford Maverick models. 

2024 Ford Maverick production is increasing 

2023 Ford Maverick production is incrasing to reduce wait times
2023 Ford Maverick ST concept | Ford

It’s time to cut down the Ford Maverick waiting list and increase manufacturing speed. According to AutoBlog, the 2024 Ford Maverick production will increase by 80,000 models in 2023. The number of Maverick models produced by year is currently unknown. 

However, the 2023 Maverick had over 100,000 reservations before the order books closed. This could mean that production in 2023 will nearly be doubled. A few more Hybrid models may be available. 

This move is based on increasing sales and demand. In February, Ford’s market share increased from 1.4 to 13.2 percent, and sales grew by 21.9 percent. Ford is the number one selling brand and the top truck/SUV manufacturer. 

Kumar Galhotra, Ford Blue president, shared that Ford has an excellent start with 2023 sales and is moving to fast-track quality production. Increasing production benefits customers and businesses. 

When can you order the 2024 Maverick? 

Clues about the 2024 Ford Maverick have been difficult to find. But the order books for the 2023 Maverick opened in the summer of 2022, and production started around November. We can expect a similar pattern. 

It’s possible that the 2024 Maverick reservations will open in August and September, then the new models will enter production in the fall. But of course, Maverick production is subject to delays. 

The ongoing semiconductor chip shortage, supply chain issues, and rising inflation could impact production. Plus, Ford may need to catch up on backlogged orders before accepting new ones. 

A few 2022 Maverick models were converted into 2023 orders due to high demand and supply constraints. So, don’t be surprised if 2023 orders get converted to 2024 options. 

While it takes roughly 10 days to build a new Ford Maverick model, the delivery wait times are currently between five to eight months. But some folks may have to wait for over a year. 

Also, it’s unclear if current production will be stopped to increase Maverick output. The production plant might require upgrades before it can handle increased capacity. 

What can we expect about the 2024 Maverick?

Ford Maverick production is increasing by 80,000 units
2023 Ford Maverick models | Ford

The 2024 Ford Maverick will probably be primarily a carryover model. It just came out in 2022 and still feels brand new. It’s still a little early for this truck to receive a mid-cycle refresh. Plus, the new Ford Ranger is about to debut, and the 2024 Ford F-150 is getting mid-cycle updates. 

Fans will certainly be happy if the 2024 Maverick Hybrid can be paired with all-wheel drive. Currently, only the gas-powered model is available with AWD and the towing package. Perhaps the Maverick Tremor will be available with the hybrid powertrain too. 

But the 2024 model will probably still have new shades of paint and wheel designs. Also, Ford seems to love dropping new special editions and packages. We have our fingers crossed for the Ford Maverick ST to drop.

We will probably gain 2024 Maverick updates in the spring or early summer. Until then, we can confirm that there will be more models available to reduce rampant demand and long waiting times.