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RVs are all the rage at the moment, but camper vans are still a popular choice for those who don’t want something extra large. The problem is that the camper van life isn’t always an easy one. Most have no bathroom, no access to water, and no electricity. Ford might have found a way to address that with the Nugget, however.

According to Business Insider, the Nugget is longer than your typical camper van, making it possible to add in more features. So is this enough to tempt RV owners to downsize? 

The Ford Transit is getting a makeover

They say bigger is better, and in the case of the Nugget, that appears to be true. Ford has added to the wheelbase of the Nugget, making it longer. 

This allows Ford to add in necessary items such as a bathroom, kitchen, and living space. The interior is designed in an L-shape in order to fit this in. So it’s sort of like Ford designed the Nugget after a real life version of Tetris.

The Nugget can also be used for daily driving. The dining and living areas can be converted to seats, allowing owners to take some friends out to dinner before dropping them off, and then converting the Nugget back into a home away from home.

Ford also designed the roof to be tilted. This allows drivers to cruise through areas with maximum height restrictions. There are also roof racks that can be attached, giving owners more room to store their personal possessions.

There also a lot of other great features about the roof. Business Insider reports,

“At night when the van is parked, the roof can be expanded to make space for its double-sized bed with vents and a LED reading light. The roof bed, which is one of two sleeping spaces in the van, can also be tucked away for more interior room.”

The bathroom is in the very back, and consists of a toilet and a sink. There is also another sink located in the kitchen area. There is plenty of water to go around thanks to an 11.1-gallon fresh and wastewater tank.

The kitchen has a surprising amount of storage space thanks to some creative thinking on Ford’s part. There are plenty of storage units, a refrigerator, cooktops, and a countertop.

Ford and Westfalia team up again

It’s not unusual for automakers to team up. Toyota and Mazda recently teamed up to share facilities. The goal was to bring more manufacturing facilities to the United States. BMW and Volkswagen are another example of competitors joining forces.

Ford is well known for teaming up with others in order to make something bigger and better. Some companies Ford has collaborated with include Polaris and Volkswagen. Now Ford is working with Westfalia again in order to bring us the new Nugget.

Westfalia is a motor home company that often teams up with other automakers. So far, it has teamed with Ford, Volkswagen, GM, and Daimler. It has 60 years of experience in making great motorhomes, and the Nugget is another prime example of this.

The Ford Nugget might just be your new favorite camper van

The engine on the all new LWB Nugget is a 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine. This is paired with a six-speed manual or responsive six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

For those who want to live on the go, there is a WiFi hotspot from the FordPass Connect modem. Up to 10 devices can be connected to the WiFi, meaning no one has to fight on who’s turn it is to look at Facebook. 

It’s also possible to work away from the van and still remain connected thanks to the 50 feet range. For anyone who dreams of living on the road, the Nugget might just be their ticket to the nomad life.

Sadly, the Nugget is still not available in the United States. So if you want to get your hands on one you’ll have to wait.


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