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Planning a wedding is no easy feat. Now, imagine your big day finally arrives, and a string of heavy storms rolls in. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, those storms could represent a big problem. After all, while some say rain on your wedding day can signify good luck, others aren’t quite as superstitious. Unfortunately for one Michigan couple, that’s exactly what happened during their outdoor wedding reception. The storms rolled in, and the power quickly went out. Fortunately for them, the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid truck was there to save the evening and keep the party going. 

Ford F-150 generator saves Michigan wedding reception during a power outage

The lights went dark, the music went out, and everything was suddenly still. That was the story for one Michigan-based bride and groom. Fortunately for the newlyweds, married Ford engineers Harish Thiruvengadam and Swetha Shailendra were present at the Farmington Hills wedding reception, Fox News reports. 

“Everything was going fine, it was a great party, actually, and out of the blue there was a power outage,” Thiruvengadam told Fox News.

Fortunately, Thiruvengadam is a quick thinker. In fact, After realizing the power outage was more than just a tripped circuit breaker, he remembered that he’d driven his Ford F-150 Hybrid to the outdoor wedding reception. And if you know anything about the Ford F-150 Hybrid, you know it can be had with ProPower Onboard, which includes a 7.2-kilowatt generator and a slew of conveniently placed outlets in the hybrid truck’s bed.

With that, Thiruvengadam gathered up the extension cords for the lights and music, plugged them into his hybrid truck, and got the wedding festivities going again. “It was amazing,” the bride told The Detroit Free Press. “Everybody was just getting into their groove and, with the help of the F-150, the party lasted until 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.”

This isn’t the first time the F-150 Hybrid truck’s generator has saved the day

In fact, remember those snowstorms that Texas experienced earlier this year? The Ford F-150 Hybrid and its available on-board generator were a lifesaver for Texans that were left without heat and electricity throughout the duration of the winter storm. 

At the time, one Ford F-150 Hybrid owner explained to CNBC that while he bought the hybrid truck because of its onboard generator, he didn’t anticipate using it until hurricane season. Then, when his power went out during the historic winter storm, he decided to put the hybrid truck’s generator to the test.

“Without it I would have been in the dark and cold like everybody else in the neighborhood,” Jones said, adding that he also allowed neighbors to use the onboard generator to charge their phones and laptops. “Quite a few of the neighbors said, ‘Hey, I’m getting one,’ like, ‘I’m trading my Dodge or GMC,’ because, South Texas, with hurricanes and things like that, we’re always having power outages.”

How many watts is the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid’s generator?

Available 7.2-kilowatt Pro Power Onboard shown; the Ford F-150 Hybrid's generator features four 120V 20A outlets and one NEMA L14-30R 240V 30A. The all-new F-150 features more exportable power than any light-duty full-size pickup, giving you the ability to use your truck as a mobile generator. It is available with three levels of electrical output depending on engine choice.
Ford F-150 Hybrid ProPower Onboard | Ford

At this point, you may find yourself asking how many watts the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid’s generator actually produces. The good news is that we’ve got the answer for you. All Ford F-150 Hybrid trucks come equipped with a 2.4kW generator that’s available with up to four 120V/20A outlets. Between the two, the hybrid truck can power anything from a reciprocating saw to a microwave.

And if that’s not enough power? The 2021 Ford F-150 can also be had with a 7.2kW onboard generator. Paired with up to six 120V/20A outlets and one 240V/30A outlet, the F-150 Hybrid’s available 7.2kW onboard generator can power a welder, hammer drill, space heater, and even a television. And a wedding reception, of course.

The Ford F-150 Hybrid is a lifesaver for many

The Ford F-150 Hybrid has proven time and again that it has what it takes to save the day. From powering homes amid a historic winter storm to bringing one Michigan couple’s wedding back to life, there’s no denying that the Ford F-150 Hybrid and its onboard generator has served as a lifesaver for many.


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