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We’ve come to expect this from dealers with a hot model sitting on their lots. We’re disappointed, nonetheless, and it perpetuates the negative opinion most car buyers have of dealers. And that’s what we have with Ford’s F-150 Raptor; a hot truck that dealers are jacking up prices on.

Right now the first 2021 Raptors are rolling into Ford dealers

2021 Ford Raptor
2021 Ford Raptor | Ford

Right now Ford dealers are getting their clutches on some of the first deliveries of Ford’s crown jewel. Everyone knows that this third generation will be a great seller just based on the previous models. That includes Ford dealers.

According to Raptor Connection, a new Raptor at Oxmoor Ford in Louisville, Kentucky, is being advertised for $10,000 over sticker price. But even at $90,000, it was there, and then it was gone. It’s no longer on Oxmoor’s website inventory list. Here’s another sale of a marked-up popular vehicle to reinforce dealerships’ crappy behavior. 

A loaded 2021 Raptor out the door minus sales taxes should be right at $80,000. There have been several that have shown up in the $85,000 range. Just like that; what appears to be the MSRP has jumped $5,000. Did Ford change the MSRP, or is this just a sneaky way for dealers to snag an extra five grand?

If you pre-ordered a Raptor, you still might have paid well over sticker

2021 Ford Raptor interior
2021 Ford Raptor | Ford

If you pre-ordered your 2021 model, then you’re golden. You’ll pay whatever the predetermined price is and no more. Even in these times of even ordinary F-150s being hard to find. 

But forums are full of people who have ordered their Raptors through dealers and paid up to $30,000 over MSRP. The general consensus is that it will be hot, so we can sell your ordered Raptor for $30,000 over sticker. So that’s what you’ll pay to order one. 

But for as much as automakers would like to see their dealers get in line, there isn’t much it can do. State franchise laws give car dealers all kinds of indemnification. They’re pretty much free to do as they wish, short of out and out robbery. 

A base model has an MSRP of under $70,000 if you can find one

Orange 2021 Ford Raptor
2021 Ford Raptor | Ford

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If any base models are lurking around, their MSRP is under $70,000. So there is a chance you might be able to get one at this price should there become a small spurt of inventory. But, we doubt it.

And don’t forget, at some point, the Raptor R will hit dealers. With 700 hp, it will smoke any of these “pedestrian” Raptors. So maybe you should just kick back and wait for the better Raptor. We’re positive dealers won’t be marking them up.