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When rumors that Ford had plans to reintroduce the iconic off-road classic Bronco, there was a great deal of speculation and excitement among fans of Ford and the beloved Bronco. In fact, the demand has been so high some people can’t even get the model they want. The 2022 Ford Bronco arrived at a base price of $30,800 for the 2-door model and $34,700 for the 4-door.

The Ford Bronco is neatly positioned as the main competition for the Jeep Wrangler, and even the base model offers an impressive list of standard features. Ford fans that loved their Broncos back in the 60s,  70s, and 80s are no doubt thrilled to have a new option for purchasing a fun, stylish, comfortable, and powerful off-road vehicle.

What does the Ford Bronco offer?

A green 2022 Ford Bronco, potentially with the Sasquatch package, parked outdoors.
2022 Ford Bronco | Ford Media Center

The base model with no add-ons or upgrades comes standard with four-wheel-drive, 30-inch all-season tires with 16-inch wheels, cruise control, 7-speed manual transmission for the  2-door and 10-speed manual transmission for the 4-door, and more. Not bad for a base model. 

Of course, you can customize this package with a wealth of options, or you can move up to the Big Bend if you want a little more in the way of bells and whistles.

The Bronco also comes with a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, electric power-assisted steering, four-wheel ABS with electronic stability control, Hoss 1.0 system, and more.

Concerning the interior, the base model sacrifices some bells and whistles, comfort, and technology. But the standard interior features of the base model are quite good. These include features like Sync 4, an 8-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with swipe capability, a rearview camera, a 6-way front driver and passenger manual seats, and remote keyless access with push button start.

Overall, the new Ford Bronco is an attractive, feature-packed four-wheel-drive that has been well-received and reviewed. Of course, if you want to invest a little extra dough in giving it that extra “wow” factor, there is an upgrade package that fits that bill.

What is the Sasquatch package?

According to Road and Track, the Sasquatch package is something no Bronco should be without.

The Ford Bronco Sasquatch package outfits the vehicle with more prominent 35-inch wheels, upgraded shocks, and lots more. According to Motor1, the aesthetic difference alone is impressive. With that said, the high clearance suspension, front, and rear differential locks, and better shocks take the already hardy four-wheel-drive to the next level. 

Even better, you can get this upgrade on any of the models, including the least expensive base 2-door model. This means you get a compelling four-wheel-drive experience right out of the factory, even with everything else remaining standard. The Bronco is an excellent option for consumers looking for a four-wheel-drive that isn’t a Jeep Wrangler or one of its few competitors.

It’s easy to see the difference the Ford Bronco Sasquatch package brings to the table visually. It immediately gives it a beefier look with the 35″ tires. It’s bigger, wider, taller, and commands your attention.

More about the Ford Bronco

The 2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch package is incredible, but another cool feature of the Bronco is that the top and doors are removable on all models, including the base model. That’s more good news for those who want to keep costs low while still getting the fun convertible feature that makes off-roading even more exciting.

For the base model, the 4-door comes standard with a soft top, and the 2-door comes standard with a hard top. The Bronco boasts “easy to remove” doors, and with the roof off, you truly get that “wind in your hair” road-trip feel. Overall, the Ford Bronco looks like a fun, functional, good-looking vehicle that gives Jeep Wrangler a run for its money. For budget-minded enthusiasts, it’s nice to know that even with the Sasquatch Package, you can get this vehicle for under $45,000.


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