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Update: The Ford Bronco isn’t being shipped without chips. At the time, Ford did not specify which models will be shipped without missing chips. However, the chips are used to control the rear-seat HVAC system and Ford will add them later, free of charge. Models without the chips will be compensated with a reduced price.

We have some good news and bad news about the Ford Bronco. Some Ford Bronco models are finally being moved out of storage and sent to customers. However, some models are still waiting for more chips to arrive, making the three-month storage deadline a little close.

Your Ford Bronco isn’t missing chips 

2021 Ford Bronco on a gravel road
2021 Ford Bronco | Allison Barfield, MotorBiscuit

Finally, Ford Bronco models that are piled up at Ice Mountain are being shipped out to customers. Ice Mountain refers to the parking lots around the Ford production plant in Michigan, where thousands of Bronco models are stored. 

Videos and images have been released showing the Bronco models covered in ice and snow as they sit in limbo. Sometimes people from the factory approach the vehicles to install items under the hood and in the cabin. 

Those models are the lucky ones that get the final touches before being cleared for the dealership. But the ongoing computer chip storage has caused more models to pile up. 

Ford began building Bronco models and storing them until semiconductor chips could be added. But now, the strategy has taken a turn, according to AutoEvolution, some Ford models (not the Bronco) could be shipped without chips. The models haven’t been specified aside from the Ford Explorer.

Which Bronco features are missing? 

Instead of waiting for more semiconductor chips to arrive, other models aside from the Ford Bronco will be shipped without them. The chips control various vehicle systems, but according to AutoEvolution, they won’t affect safety systems. 

The Ford models are considered to be partially built, but they are still drivable and sellable. But Ford wasn’t clear about what exactly non-safety critical features mean. General Motors decided to deliver vehicles without start and stop or parking assistance functions. 

This is causing forums to go wild. Some people hope the start and stop feature is dropped because they aren’t fans of it. Some people waiting for Broncos could live without heated seats while others need them. 

Some people worry that their SUV will be delivered without a radio or infotainment system, which could be a dealbreaker. However, this issue is only temporary. Ford plans to send out the chips to dealerships within a year. Then the chips can be quickly added to the vehicles. 

The Broncos were only supposed to be at Ice Mountain for three months before this decision was made. We hope this timeline can remain on track because we’re ready to see more fully functional Broncos in the wild. 

When will the chip shortage end? 

2021 Ford Bronco interior
2021 Ford Bronco interior | Ford

The semiconductor chip shortage is causing issues for the Ford Bronco and several other popular models like the Toyota Tacoma, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and more. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking better yet. 

Analysts currently predict that chip inventory may not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2023. Most chip suppliers are located overseas, and it hasn’t been easy for the United States to build more on a domestic level. 

Ford is doing its best to keep up with production and quality demands. The ordering books for 2022 Ford Bronco models have been closed. So, you may have to wait and order a 2023 model anyways. 

We hope for a faster recovery so people can get their dream rides and prices return to normal. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the situation. Hopefully, we will see which vehicle features are missing soon. 


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