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Always a popular recreational activity, camping has been getting more love than ever in recent months. RVs can provide a fun and comfortable way to explore the outdoors — but if you don’t have a huge family, there’s often no need to purchase an enormous camper before heading out into nature. Teardrop campers are small enough to be towed by a car, and offer a vast range of advantages, according to Camper Report.

What exactly is a teardrop camper?

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While most campers are so large that they must be towed by a truck, teardrop campers are significantly smaller and more lightweight, often weighing less than 1,000 pounds.

This makes it possible to tow one using your regular car, which is perfect for anyone who wants to start spending more time in nature but doesn’t necessarily want to spend big bucks on a bigger vehicle and camper combo.

Teardrop campers first gained popularity in the ’30s, according to Camper Report. The convenience and small size caught the public’s attention, and to this day these campers remain an ideal solution for nature lovers who favor minimalism. Teardrop campers will typically sleep two adults, and feature a small kitchen for meals on the go.

Benefits of teardrop campers

In addition to the small size, teardrop campers have quite a few advantages over more traditional RVs. First, this style of camper is incredibly economical. Because of the lightweight design these campers can be towed by a car rather than a larger vehicle, teardrop campers require much less fuel to transport.

It’ll also be more affordable than larger camper options, often having starting prices as low as $3,000 — although it’s certainly possible to spend significantly more depending on the style and features you choose.

Teardrop campers also fit perfectly into the minimalist lifestyle that many people have been opting for in recent years. While these campers will be more comfortable than a tent, it will still be small and simple enough to not make you feel removed from nature.

The compact size will force you to pare down what you pack, making it easier for you to simplify your trips and only bring the essentials.

Despite being small in size, teardrop campers are immensely versatile. You might choose to keep things simple, or to add fun features such as a television, solar panels, and LED reading lights. Many teardrop campers can also be designed with off-roading capabilities. Adventurous folks can add more ground clearance and heavy-duty tires to ensure that their camper can keep up with them.

Finally, these campers are just plain comfortable. Most are easily able to fit a double mattress, so won’t have to worry about sleeping on rough or uneven ground. Since you can customize your camper to your liking, it’s easy to create a cozy space with everything you’ll need for a great trip.

Who should opt for a teardrop camper?

A woman checks out a teardrop camper at an RV show
A woman peeks inside of a Colorado Teardrops 2016 Canyonland Teardrop camper at The Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show | Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

If you are camping alone or with a partner, a teardrop camper might be the perfect fit for you. It will be comfortable enough to make extended camping trips more fun, but simple enough that you won’t need to spend too much time and money perfecting a complex RV solution. 

For those with larger families, teardrop campers might not be ideal. Additionally, camping buffs who spend a significant amount of time outdoors and are willing to put in extra time and money for the perfect camping gear might prefer a more extensive setup than a teardrop camper can offer.

For outdoor enthusiasts who are traveling alone or with a partner, though, it’s hard to go wrong with a teardrop camper. Simply fix it to the back of your car, and you’ll be ready to head out on your next adventure.


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