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The world is getting more crowded, with the global population recently passing eight billion people. There are also more cars on the road than ever before — and the space to park them is more limited. However, a Spanish EV car company has a solution. It built a foldable electric car called the Lakota that can shrink down to six feet to save space.

Lakota electric car shrinks down from 10 feet to 6 feet for tight parking spots

Side view of NTD Energy Lakota, a foldable electric car that can shrink to six feet to save space
NTD Energy Lakota | New Auto & Vehicles EV via YouTube

The Transformers film franchise has shown how vehicles can transform their shape with the elaborate moving of parts. And now, the fictional world of the big screen has seemingly been turned into reality with the Lakota foldable electric car. 

By building the Lakota, Spanish EV automaker NTD Energy aims to transform the way people travel around cities. As detailed by Medium, transportation in cities is trending toward micro-mobility. We’ve already seen this micro-mobility with the greater prevalence of bicycles, e-bicycles, and e-scooters. And now, the foldable electric car takes this a step further.

When driving, the Lakota is around 10 feet long. And when folded, it shrinks down to around six feet. It folds down to a smaller size by pulling in the steering system, brakes, and electric motors into its wheels. 

Benefits of foldable vehicles

The obvious benefit of the Lakota and other foldable vehicles is the small size, which makes them easier to park in tight spaces or store in a garage. With available parking spaces in cities becoming more sparse, this is a big advantage. According to NTD Energy, three Lakota cars can fit into one conventional parking spot. Also, a foldable car doesn’t even have to park at a conventional parking space. It can be parked at nearly any location. 

Additionally, the Lakota has omni-steering capabilities, which means the wheels can turn in any direction. This helps with maneuvering the car, as well as for parking. Plus, the foldable design of the Lakota is convenient and hassle-free. When the electric car folds and unfolds, the driver doesn’t have to move any parts — or even get out of the vehicle. All that one has to do is press a button, and then the Lakota automatically folds or unfolds on its own. 

Furthermore, the small size of the Lakota translates to less required energy for its propulsion system. Therefore, it’s more efficient and eco-friendly compared to larger, traditional cars. 

Driving range and top speed of the Lakota 

Front angle view of NTD Energy Lakota, a foldable EV car that can shrink to six feet to save space
NTD Energy Lakota | New Auto & Vehicles EV via YouTube

As expected, with its small size, the Lakota is very light. With its battery installed, it weighs only 1,279 pounds. The average weight for all vehicle types is around 4,000 pounds. Also, compared to most electric cars, the Lakota has fast charging. To go from a 20% to a 100% charge, it only takes 15 minutes. Also, the foldable car has a top speed of 56 mph, which is more than enough for city travel.

It remains to be seen if we’ll soon see fleets of the Lakota and other foldable cars in cities around the world. However, building on the micro-mobility trend, these types of vehicles hold much promise, especially in highly congested areas.