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So many companies are exploring and developing flying cars and taxis it is hard to keep up. But what about flying motorcycles? We present Jetpack Aviation and its flying motorcycle. Some say it’s vaporware, but the company says it is on track to have functioning flying motorcycles by 2023. 

What they say about motorcycles must also apply to flying motorcycles

Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept
Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept | JA

Do you know what they say about motorcycles? That there are only two kinds of riders; those who have fallen off of one, and those who will fall off of one. Is this an electric dream or the edge of insanity? We’ll leave that for you to decide. 

The idea of a bronco ride-like thing that you straddle and fly around on sounds like so much fun. But what about the reality of flying around strapped to a giant electric motor? With really no protection at one-, or maybe 10-thousand feet in the air. 

Is it as likely to fly as it is to fall out of the sky; with you hugging what is now a metal boulder? Actually, Jetpack Aviation says it is capable of flying to 15,000 feet according to Robb Report. Oh, that makes it so much more compelling, right?

Jetpack’s beginning flying motorcycle is limited to 60 mph

“The Ultralight Version (UVS) will not require a pilot’s license to operate – all training will be provided by JPA or one of our authorized training centers,” Jetpack’s website announces. “The Ultralight version will be limited to carrying 5 gallons of fuel and to 60 mph flying speed.” Well now, that’s good!

So, without a pilot’s license, is that a good thing or bad? And if you hit a flag pole or the side of a highrise, will limiting this to 60 mph mean you’ll survive better than going 100 mph? We think it means that you might survive the initial crash. But then there’s that 3,000-foot fall. But there is better news.

If you have a pilot’s license, you can order one with 250 mph capabilities

Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept
Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept | JA

For those with an FAA pilot’s license, there is the experimental version. In some ways, it sounds more dangerous. First, it can accelerate to 250 mph. And buyers must participate in its final assembly. 

We know that an FAA license means you can fly a plane. But does it also mean you can assemble your flying craft too? One is not mutually inclusive with the other. Far from it.

Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept
Jetpack Aviation flying motorcycle concept | JA

Right now Jetpack is taking orders for the $400,000 machines. While many are said to have already got their deposits in for one, as of this writing they don’t exist. Oh, they exist in your mind. You can instantly project yourself flying around on one. And the idea seems like more fun than should be allowed. 

But then think about this; what if one of those motors stops spinning its little propeller? Now, where do we sign up? 


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