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After robbing a bank taking off in his Ford Edge SUV, Florida Man is at it again. The suspect went into a local TD Bank and threatened workers with a machete before getting an undisclosed amount of cash.

The Florida Man robber a bank and took off in his SUV

Florida Man robbed a bank and took of in his Ford Edge SUV
This Florida Man can be seen tossing cash out of his Ford Edge SUV | WPTV News via YouTube

According to local WPTV 5, this Florida Man robbed a bank in Delray Beach earlier this week. He walked into a TD Bank on Fifth Avenue around 10:30 AM and demanded cash from the workers at the bank. He used a machete in the process and headed out to his Ford Edge SUV.

Once the police were alerted, the Florida Man took off in his Ford Edge. He ended up leading police on a chase through three Florida counties once he was found. Upon robbing the bank in Delay Beach, Florida, he hopped on the highway and tried to get out of dodge. The Florida Man led the police down the I-95 South highway and managed to lose the police around the Boynton Beach area,

He managed to make it all the way down to Miami-Dade County, where the police located him again. The police were in a variety of unmarked police cars. A blacked-out Dodge Durango can be seen in the footage, in addition to a bright green Chevy Tahoe.

This Florida Man started tossing cash out of his SUV window

Just after noon, the chase ended in a church parking lot. He managed to evade the police for more than an hour. Once the police SUVs had the Ford Edge SUV trapped in a Miami parking lot, the suspect realized it was over.

The suspect kept the police in a standoff for around 10 minutes before admitting defeat. He still refused to get out of the car. Trapped between the green Chevy Tahoe and a black Ram 1500 truck, the suspect decided to toss his newfound winnings out the window.

Money can be seen flying out the window of the dark-colored SUV in a church parking lot. It isn’t clear yet how much money this Florida Man got from threatening bank tellers with a machete, but he lost some of it in the breeze.

The FBI is involved in this bank robbery


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According to WPTV 5, the local police turned over the information about the robbery to the FBI. While that might seem like overkill for such a crime, the FBI is actually quite involved in all bank robberies. According to the FBI itself, it “has had a primary role in bank robbery investigations since the 1930s.”

After John Dillinger and his crew started robbing banks in the 1930s, the FBI took on these cases. In 1934, it became a federal crime to rob a national or state bank that was a member of the Federal Reserve System. In 2020 alone, there were 1,788 robberies in the U.S., including burglaries and thefts. Unfortunately for this Florida Man, the FBI is on the case.