Texas Man Uses BMW Loaner to Rob a Bank Then Uses Stolen Cash to Try and Buy It

Let’s face it. We’ve all got that dream car that we currently can’t afford. Whether it’s a BMW or even a Ferrari, the general population will opt to save cautiously to make that dream a reality. However, one Texas man in 2019 decided he couldn’t wait to get his hands on a BMW.

According to the United States Department of Justice, the Texas man got a local dealership to loan him a car he intended to purchase. He then used the car to rob a local bank to finance a much-needed down payment. As you might expect, he didn’t get very far.

Did the Texas man steal this BMW?

A black BMW 8-Series outdoors on the road.
BMW 8-Series | BMW

While a Texas man did indeed use a BMW that wasn’t his to rob a bank, he didn’t even need to steal it. In fact, the man went into a local dealership aiming to purchase the german luxury car. As of writing, we don’t know exactly which model he actually attempted to buy, just that it was a black car.

At some point, the dealership decided to loan the man the car to drive it around. This is a common tactic used by dealerships to get you to fall in love with that brand-new car and finalize a deal.

Regardless, this man didn’t choose to go out to lunch or something sensible. Instead, he opted to rob a local bank to collect cash to buy the car. According to the United States Department of Justice, the man approached one of the tellers with a fast-food bag saying:

“This is a f—— robbery. Play with me and die. I want $10,000 in 50 and 100 dollar bills now you got 1 minute, or I will kill you.”

Eric Dion Warren via The United States Department of Justice

How did he get caught?

A black BMW 8-Series outdoors on the road.
BMW 8-Series | BMW

After pulling out what appeared to be a gun, the Texas man reportedly got away in the BMW with the stolen cash. However, what he didn’t know at the time was that the teller gave him bills with recorded serial numbers.

Eventually, the man and the BMW make it back to the dealership, where he reportedly waves a ton of cash. As you’d expect, he moved quickly to finalize the deal on the BMW, using at least $3,000 of the stolen money for his down payment.

As the man tried to finalize the deal, the dealership received a call alerting them of the robbery. Since the vehicle description matched this loaned BMW, the dealership alerted the local authorities.

This stunt got the man 20 years in federal prison

A black BMW 8-Series outdoors on the road.
BMW 8-Series | BMW

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As you might imagine, police quickly stormed the dealership and arrested the BMW-driving thief. Unsurprisingly, law enforcement utilized the recorded dollars to tie the man to the robbery. In total, police found $5,086 on the man. However, it is unclear if that was the entire sum he stole.

In the end, the Texas man didn’t get to go home with his dream ride. In fact, he didn’t get to go home at all, receiving 20 years in federal prison as a result of this stunt.