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Florida Man Builds Cadillac Escalade Pickup Truck Out of a Chevy Silverado

If you're in the market for a Cadillac Escalade pickup truck, you're pretty much out of luck. However, a custom shop in Miami, Florida, decided to turn a Cadillac Escalade into a pickup truck. Weirdly, it utilizes a Chevy Silverado as its base, adopting the face of the full-size luxury SUV. All things considered, it looks very well put together.

If you’re in the market for a Cadillac Escalade pickup truck, you’re pretty much out of luck. That’s because the last time we saw an Escalade with a bed in the back was for the 2013 model year. As you might imagine, there’s still plenty of demand for this sort of build, especially in Florida, it seems.

According to The Drive, a shop called Dom’s Garage Miami came up with the idea to resurrect this forgotten truck. However, they’ve chosen to do so by grafting the Escalade’s face directly onto a Chevy Silverado. Upon first impressions, it seems they’ve done a fantastic job with it.

How do you make a new Cadillac Escalade pickup truck?

Cadillac Escalade Pickup Truck | Doms Garage Miami via Instagram

As you might imagine, turning a Cadillac Escalade into a pickup truck would be an impossible task. As a result, it’s much easier to take the Escalade’s face and transplant it onto an existing truck. That’s exactly what this custom shop in Miami decided to do for this particular build. When you think about it, the swap makes complete sense.

The current-gen Cadillac Escalade and Chevy Silverado share the exact same T1 platform. This also underpins trucks and SUVs from GMC. While this might seem like an easy swap, The Drive reports that this build required significant fender modifications to ensure that everything fits properly.

What is perhaps most impressive about this build is the fact that it looks completely stock. There are very few indications that would tell you that GM didn’t build this truck itself. All of the existing body lines still flow well, and the Cadillac’s front end is a perfect match for the Chevy’s boxy cab.

The rest of the truck features small modifications

An image of a Cadillac Escalade pickup truck outdoors.
Cadillac Escalade Pickup Truck | Doms Garage Miami via Instagram

In order to give this Cadillac Escalade pickup truck a more official look, the custom shop added a large Cadillac badge to the rear end. In terms of modifications, this truck is clearly lowered, running on a set of large wheels and skinny tires.

Chances are, this build isn’t cheap by any means. While we don’t have exact pricing, you have to imagine that the entire front end of a brand-new Escalade is far from cheap. Additionally, when you add up all of the labor costs, we’re easily looking at a six-figure truck.

However, aside from just being a flashy daily driver, this truck makes a great case as to how easily Cadillac could put together its own full-size truck if it wants to. In fact, it already did so in the past.

When did the Cadillac Escalade pickup truck go extinct?

While this Cadillac Escalade pickup truck just rolled out of the shop floor, the American carmaker built an official truck almost a decade ago. It was called the EXT, and it first appeared for the 2003 model year. Unlike its Chevy and GMC siblings, the EXT never looked like a true truck. Instead, it served as an odd SUV/truck hybrid that never truly sold well. As a result, Cadillac pulled the plug for the 2013 model year. So if you want an Escalade truck, it seems you’re going to Miami.


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