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The fire crew in ‘Tacoma FD’ likes to push the limits with their antics. From llama rescues to in-station pranks, the team brings levity to a pretty serious public service. However, in one episode, the crew breaks a Lamborghini’s window to access a fire hydrant during a house fire. So the question remains: would firefighters break a car window, or even a supercar’s window, to access a fire hydrant?

Some situations demand firefighters to break car windows to access a fire hydrant– Lamborghini or otherwise

Many fire departments allow crew members to smash car windows to access a fire hydrant. While that might seem over the top, there’s a method behind the madness. For starters, from hydrant to truck to nozzle, pressure is of paramount importance for fire suppression. It’s not just about extinguishing fires, either; compromised pressure at the nozzle means firefighters have less water to protect themselves with inside a burning structure.

Any kink or hard bend, say, from routing a supply line around an illegally parked car, could cut down on pressure. The route of least resistance means a smoother deployment of the hose when it fills with water. In the case of an illegally parked car, that path of least resistance could very well be through the cabin, rather than over, under, or around the vehicle. 

A firefighter, not unlike the characters in 'Tacoma FD' and the Lamborghini, breaks a car window.
Firefighters break a car window | Diy13 via iStock

Of course, firefighters aren’t vandals. The job doesn’t dictate that crew members smash windows all the time. FDNY spokesperson Jim Long says “We don’t like to do that. It’s a last resort, we don’t encourage it,” per Hell Gate NYC. “But our firefighters are responding quickly and making quick decisions. The effort is to provide assistance as quickly as possible.”

Consequently, firefighters really would smash a Lamborghini’s windows. In the case of ‘Tacoma FD’, the crew takes a stab at breaking the hypercar’s windows to run a line through the car’s cabin. In reality, fire crews would certainly break a luxury performance car’s windows to save a community member’s home.