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The quirky and fun lineup of Fiat vehicles just got a little quirkier. While it wasn’t at all uncommon to see a Fiat wearing a bright color scheme, it’s now almost guaranteed. The car brand announced today that, effectively immediately, it will no longer produce grey cars. Frankly, we think this is pretty great! It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of bland, boring cars, so why not stand out?

Why did Fiat stop producing grey cars?

The car brand says the decision is all related to its desire to reflect where it’s from. The press release cites the natural colors from the sea to the landscape of Italy. Furthermore, in a video (seen above) on the company’s YouTube channel, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois explains that grey has no association with the passion and joy that is a staple of the country. So, the company axed it!

“We broke the rules: we decided to stop the production of Fiat grey cars. This is challenging and disruptive, and it is aimed to further reinforce FIAT’s leadership as the Brand of joy, colors, and optimism. Italy is the country of colors and, starting from today, FIAT’s cars too,” said Francois.

In addition, Fiat’s press release seems to be adopting a new slogan of sorts. In multiple locations, it says, “Italy, the land of colors. Fiat, the brand of colors.”

This decision will certainly bring more color to the streets, but will it bring more sales?

A front angle view of the 2024 Fiat 500e car in blue, rather than grey
2024 Fiat 500e | Stellantis

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So far, it seems that folks’ reaction to the Fiat decision is a net positive. The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah even went as far as to say it’s “the smartest decision Fiat has made in a decade or more” on Twitter.

According to Fiat, Grey is the number one color for new cars in the U.K. Furthermore, Edmunds says that it’s in third place in the U.S. behind black and white. Still, grey paint is on 19% of cars in America. So, this certainly is taking a bit of a gamble from a market-size outlook. However, in keeping the fun nature of the Italian company’s vehicles, it just might be a fantastic call!

Overall, time will tell how this plan pays off for the company. That being said, we’re quite fond of the idea of a little more color on the roads!