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Ferrari has recently announced that they are shifting their production efforts to the EV and hybrid landscape. With that announcement, enthusiasts go excited at the idea of what the upcoming new Ferrari models could offer. From a performance standpoint, these future models could still be at the top of the class. What will this shift to electric vehicles and hybrids mean for this legendary Italian automaker?

2030 could be a year full of changes

On June 16th, Ferrari held a large press conference detailing the upcoming business plan and shift to an electrified lineup. CEO Benedetto Vigna said that the company believed that using electric engines could enhance the performance of Ferrari models. This plan means that drivers could soon be behind the wheel of something that offers exciting performance and high-end luxury under the expectation of zero emissions.

Ferrari noted that by 2030, the brand expects up to 80% of the sales to be full-electric and hybrid models. This is a lofty yet very attainable goal as automakers of all types are shifting focus to greener and more efficient models.

When does the first full-electric Ferrari debut?

the ferrari prancing horse logo which will be seen on future ferrari ev performance models
The Ferrari Prancing Horse | Marco Bertorello via Getty Images

Ferrari is no stranger to innovation and, furthermore, is no stranger to the hybrid market. Despite that, the brand is still highly regarded for its combustion engines. But, the brand is looking to unveil its first fully-electric model in 2025, and it would be the start of an impressive lineup of cars. Additionally, between 2023 and 2026, Ferrari expects to launch 15 new models to cement the brand’s legendary legacy further.

One of the big goals of creating an electrified lineup of supercars is to give drivers the chance to shop for something more advanced and exciting. More importantly, as John Elkann says, “The opportunity set of electrification and electronics will allow us to make even more unique cars.” If Ferrari can follow through on this goal, they will not only be creating fully-electric models but also a bevy of hybrid models that can give drivers the best of both worlds. Plus, who could get made at a selection of more unique new Ferrari models?

Batteries developed and produced in house

a ferrari 296 gtb, one of the brands first hybrid models
Ferrari 296 GTB; A Plug-In Hybrid Supercar | Ferrari

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As with everything Ferrari does, the brand aims to take this entire process to a higher and more intense level. When Ferrari first announced shifting to EVs, the big news was the opening of a plant dedicated to EVs and hybrids. The brand is doubling down on this by announcing that it will be developing and building battery modules, electric motors, and inverters. This plan will allow Ferrari to create specific parts that will perform at the high levels the brand expects. It will outsource certain parts to handpicked partners.

A big investment with big rewards

Ferrari is one of the latest automakers to make the commitment to EVs and hybrids. The brand expects to invest more than $4.5 billion into product development to ensure that the future electric and hybrid models can offer the same performance enthusiasts have come to expect.