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RV rentals blossomed into a massive market during the social distancing of the 2020 COVID lockdowns. Since then, the RV market, like the housing or car markets, has become massively inflated, making it difficult for many to purchase a rig of their own. While RV rentals are commonplace today, one Canadian couple learned the potential dangers of renting their rig out to a woman before knowing who she was. Meet the “Qanon Queen of Canada.” 

An RV driving through a wintery scene, possibly preparing for parking your RV for the winter.
RV in the winter | Nano Calvo via Getty Images

What is Qanon, and what does it have to do with RVs? 

In case you tuned out of the political world over the past few years, a group of people is occupying the political right called Qanon. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Qanon is “a decentralized, far-right political movement rooted in a baseless conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by the “Deep State,” a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles, and that former President Donald Trump is the only person who can defeat it.” Ok, moving on. 

This RV rental didn’t go as planned 

According to Carscoops, a couple from Manitoba, Canada, regularly rent their motorhome out on a peer-to-peer rental site. Vicki and Mike LeBlanc, the RV owners, have done this many times without major incidents until a woman named “Mary” reached out to inquire about the camper via Facebook. 

The LeBlancs weren’t worried about renting their motorhome until “Mary” showed up to get the vehicle. Reporting from Vice states that the couple got worried when she showed up with another RV sporting a giant photo of the woman along its side with a caption reading “Romana Didulo, Queen of Canada” under the photo. Quickly regretting their decision, Vicki told Vice, “Honestly, if we knew who we were renting to, we would never have done it.” 

Who is “Queen Romana?” 

This strange and mysterious woman appears to be somewhere in her mid-sixties, is unemployed, claims to be the true “Queen of Canada,” and is running a covert war on a satanist cabal she insists is real. 

She rented the LeBlanc’s RV to fill out a caravan of RVs and other vehicles driving across the country made up of her followers.

Carscoops mentions that after learning who they rented their rig to, they began to track the caravan’s progress. Following a payment issue over needing new tires, the self-appointed Queen turned her gaze to the LeBlancs along with the rage of her supporters. She posted the LeBlanc’s home address and phone number, urging her personal cabal to threaten and intimidate the family. 

The threats stopped, as did all communication. After over a month in Didulo’s position, someone representing the “Queen” informed the LeBlancs that the RV was left at a gas station over 120 miles away. 

Getting the RV back was only the beginning

The cult left the RV 120 miles away at a gas station and didn’t tell the owners where the keys were (tapped underneath). Thankfully, the family had a set of spares. 

“They just left it in a mess. They didn’t bother to clean out their food or the garbage or some of their supplies,” Leblanc said. “Inside, there was like food everywhere. I think there was a sleeping bag they left behind. They left their sardines, naturally.” 

On their trip home, the LeBlancs learned that the rotting food was the least of their worries. The cult somehow severely damaged the suspension, causing the RV to lean heavily to one side. 

Disheartened and out thousands of dollars on repairs, cleaning, and mileage overage, the LeBlanc family, questioned whether it is even worth pursuing Queen Romana for the damages. 

“I don’t even know at the end of the day if it’s worth pursuing. Like legal action through small claims court or if it’s better just to cut our losses and stop wasting our time,” said LeBlanc. “I see on the weekend; she raised thousands to pay for her RV that she is riding in. Maybe she could share the wealth and pay for some of the damages for everybody else’s RV.”


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