F-150 Raptor Lovers Will Hate The Silverado “Jackal”

OK, all of you Chevy haters pile on. While this isn’t a factory-built performance truck like the Ford Raptor, it looks and performs like it. Yeah, it’s expensive, but with that comes a Raptor fighter that is way more exclusive. From the center of the pickup universe; Houston, comes the PaxPower “Jackal.” 

We wonder why Chevy has never chased the Ford Raptor. Those F-150 Raptors have a street presence, they act as a halo vehicle for the F-150, and help Ford remain the leader in trucks. But nothing from Chevy as a rival has never materialized. So, the closest thing to a Chevy-like Raptor is before you.

The Silverado Jackal comes from a company known primarily for modifying F-150 Ford Raptors

2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower-0
2020 Silverado Jackal and F-150 Raptor | PaxPower

For you Ford lovers the fun part is that PaxPower is primarily upgrading Ford F-150s and Raptors in particular. PaxPower does diesel conversions and off-road versions of many F-150 derivatives. So they know the insides and outsides of the Raptor. When you look at the comparisons, the middle stage Jackal package compares almost identically to a V6 Raptor. 

What you notice first is what makes the Jackal so arresting; those widened fenders. Covering those 37-inch off-road tires it helps to make a much more aggressive look. The way the front bulges tie into the grille even make it look good. We never thought we would ever say the front end looks good. It really doesn’t, but how the bulges work with the fussy front gives it some balance.

The Jackal comes in three stages to combat the Raptor

2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower-0
2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower

The Jackal comes in three stages based on your pocketbook and needs. The first stage gets you fabricated BajaKits upper control arms, King 2.5-inch front coil-overs, and better rear shocks. This creates a four-inch lift. Of course, the Jackal hood and fender flares are part of the package. 

Stepping up to the middle stage adds four inches of lift and a six-inch wider stance from the BajaKits Prerunner long-travel suspension mods. That includes a modified rear suspension with remote shock reservoirs and new steering links and sway bar links for the front end. 

The top of the heap is the third stage that includes larger 3.0-inch internal bypass shocks and coil-overs, progressive-rate leaf springs, the fabricated Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter special bumpers, curved light bar, Rigid front fog and reverse cube lights, GM Performance intake, GM Performance dual exhaust, and 37-inch Toyo R/T off-road tires. Note that the lower stages run 35-inch off-road tires.

All of the Jackal stages increase performance and horsepower

2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower-0
2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower

All of the stages include increased engine performance for the 6.2-liter V8. A cold air kit, new stainless steel exhaust system, and GM Performance calibration for the ECU help increase performance to 442 hp. That’s a 22 hp increase over the stock engine. A big plus is these mods won’t void the Chevy factory warranty.

Now for the damage. The Stage I Jackal adds an additional $14,950 over the Silverado’s price. Each additional stage costs $10,000 each. Everything good is expensive. That said, to modify a Raptor to the Stage 3 would probably run more than the Jackal’s price. So, you’re getting a Raptor killer that is extremely unique-and something all pickup owners will take notice of.