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It’s no surprise Lucid is changing the electric vehicle (EV) game. The brand has designed the longest-range and fastest-charging electric car you can buy: the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance. However, is it worth the $179,000 price tag?

This EV is the most powerful electric vehicle available in the U.S.

The front end of a Lucid Air.
Lucid Air | Getty Images

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance is the most powerful electric vehicle available in the United States, delivering an incredible 1,050 hp. It features two proprietary electric motors, one at each axle, and can travel 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds, which is extremely impressive.

Charging the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance

When considering an electric vehicle for your travels, one of the questions you may ask yourself is, ‘How long does it take to charge?’ The Lucid Air Grand Touring gets an EPA-estimated driving range of 446 miles, which is more range than other electric vehicles on the market.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance is demonstrated in independent media tests and has an Ultra-fast 900V+ charging system. Drivers can add up to 300 miles in 21 minutes at any 350 kW DC fast charger. 

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance comes stocked with features

Whether you opt for the Air Grand Touring or the Air Grand Touring Performance, both Lucid Air models come equipped with many tech-savvy features. Inside, drivers will have access to DreamDrive Pro, which is Lucid’s advanced driver assistance system. 

In addition, all the essential vehicle data you need to know is displayed on the 34-inch floating Glass Cockpit. A 21-speaker Surreal Sound immersive audio system, a Glass Canopy spanning windshield to the roof, and heated and ventilated front seats with massage are also included. 

The exterior of this luxury EV is just as remarkable. Intelligent Micro Lens Array LED Headlights, developed in-house by Lucid, will provide a clear view when the sun goes down. In addition, a power opening/closing trunk and frunk will give you more storage options.

Choose from the Lucid Air’s California inspired interior themes

Air Grand Touring and Air Grand Touring Performance are available in four interior themes, each inspired by the state of California.

The Santa Cruz theme will have a contrast of light and dark features, just like the solar noon sunshine. Drivers will enjoy Nappa Full-Grain Leather in Lucid Black and Ceramic with North American Walnut trim and Alcantara inserts.

Next is the Taho theme. Chances are, when you think of Tahoe, you think of sunsets with hues of gold and deep orange. This interior will have Nappa Full-Grain and Premium Natural Grain Leather in Lucid Black and Saddle with Carbon Oak Trim.

Now, imagine yourself in the middle of a dark desert night. Mojave-themed interiors come with Nappa full-grain and premium natural grain leather in Lucid Black and Graphite with Carbon Oak trim.

Last but not least is the Mojave PurLuxe theme, which will make its debut later, but it’ll be jaw-dropping. It will feature a PurLuxe leather alternative in Lucid Black and Graphite with Carbon Oak trim and Alcantara inserts.

How Does the Air Grand Touring Performance Model Compare?

But how does the Lucid Grand Touring Performance compare to the other trims? The trims include:

  • Air Pure
  • Air Touring
  • Air Grand Touring
  • And Air Dream Edition

If you’re looking for the most affordable Lucid Air option, the Air Pure is the way to go. It has a starting price of $77,400 and comes with one 480 hp motor with an estimated range of 406 miles.

The Air Touring models are more expensive, priced at about $95,000. It comes equipped with two motors, and its peak output rises to 620 hp with an estimated range of 406 miles.

The third trim level is the Air Grand Touring, which will cost about $139,000. Two motors work together to produce 800 hp and an increased 517-mile range. Of course, if you’re looking for the best in performance capabilities, you’ll want to stick with the Air Grand Touring Performance.

The Dream Addition will cost $169,000. It comes with an electric motor at each axle and delivers up to 1,080 hp. With the 21-inch AeroDream wheels, the driving range for this luxury EV is an estimated 465 miles.

If you’re wondering when Lucid Air Grand Touring customers will start receiving their models, the answer may surprise you. Deliveries in the U.S will begin in June 2022. In Canada, deliveries for this luxury EV start in August 2022.


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