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Elvis Presley loved his celebrity cars, aside from occasionally shooting them. Still, a couple of the superstar’s cars are synonymous with his classic rock and roll style: his pink Cadillacs. In the latest biopic film, Elvis drives a myriad of excellent timeless machines, including a pink Caddy.

Did Elvis have a pink Cadillac?

Elvis owned at least three pink Cadillacs, including one that burned due to an electrical fire. Perhaps his most famous mount was his second Caddy, a 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60. Also, the iconic rockstar gave the car to his mother, Gladys Presley. However, the land yacht wasn’t always the characteristic pink. Instead, the 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood started life in a shade of blue, but Elvis had a neighbor repaint it.  

Elvis' pink Cadillacs were among his favorite cars
One of Elvis’ pink Cadillacs | Danny E. Martindale, Getty Images

The hasty paint job resulted in a shade that didn’t last, but Elvis had to have his pink Cadillacs. At this point, the Cadillacs are as synonymous with the iconic rockstar as Graceland or the well-used phrase, “thank you, thank you very much.” 

Does Elvis drive a pink Cadillac in the new movie?

In the new Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis, the namesake character drives a very pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood, at least for a moment. He also drives several other prominent American classics from the period, of which there are many.  

What other movies have a pink Cadillac?

In 1989, Clint Eastwood starred in a film called Pink Cadillac, wherein his character drove a 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible. Eastwood’s character performs j-turns and other flashy automotive maneuvers in the classic pink Cadillac, which is impressive given the monstrous dimensions of the car. 

What other cool cars did the King have?

Elvis Presley was undoubtedly a Cadillac fan and owned many of the marque’s classic treasures. For example, the prolific performer owned a 1956 Cadillac Eldorado, a 1977 Cadillac Seville, and a 1977 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Traditional Hearse. However, he also owned other big American cars, like a 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark 5 and a dramatically styled 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III. 

Elvis gets a ticket in a Cadillac, like his brilliantly pink Cadillac Fleetwood
Elvis gets a ticket with a Cadillac | Michael Ochs, Getty Images

Although he was an American car enthusiast, he also collected some timeless European vehicles. According to GQ, he owned a DeTomaso Pantera, a 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600, a 1957 BMW 507, and a 1963 Rolls-Royce Phantom 5. However, his strangest little car had to be his 1956 Messerschmitt KR200. The little car was designed by the same company that produced formidable aircraft like the BF-109 and the ME-262 during the second world war. 

What happened to Elvis’ cars?

Many of Presley’s cars ended up in the hands of collectors and museums, including a few still on display at Graceland. Still, the performer bought and parted with cars quickly, including trading his little Messerschmitt for a shopping tab. Additionally, Elvis famously gave away mass quantities of vehicles, including many Cadillacs. Maybe if you look hard enough, you’ll get your hands on one of Elvis’ many cars. 

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