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There are random attacks on EV charging stations. We don’t know if it is to protest the electrification of vehicles, as an attack on giant corporations, or just kids being mischievous. Whatever the motivation, these vandals picked a unique way to shut down this charging station in Munich, Germany. They jammed raw ground beef into the electric vehicle charging station’s connectors.

Some of the EV charging connectors had raw beef rammed into them

EV charging station with cars being charged
Tesla Inc. vehicles stand at a Tesla Supercharger station in Concord, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

It happened at the Marklandstraße EV charging station in Munich according to futurism. Some of the connectors had raw ground beef rammed into them which got into the contacts of the plugs. The damage defeated the plugs until the contacts could be replaced. 

At this time no one knows who committed the attacks. But vandalism to EV charging stations in Germany has rendered 17% inoperable. This is the first one where ground meat was used, however. 

Severed cables are how most EV charging stations are vandalized

damaged EV charging station
Chargers stand tied off with caution tape at a Tesla Inc. Supercharger station in San Ramon, California | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Severed cables are how most EV charging stations are vandalized. That’s because the copper cables are prime for recycling rewards. Copper prices are some of the highest they’ve been in a decade. 

But other times the attacks seem to be some sort of issue with electric vehicles or related to their use. Maybe the vandals don’t like Elon Musk, and this becomes a symbol of him and his Tesla company. Who knew EVs could be a symbol to attack? 

As rampant as EV charging station vandalism is there are almost no arrests

ground beef
Close-up of uncooked ground beef in a glass bowl under a meat grinder | Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images

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For as rampant as the EV charging station vandalism is there have been almost no arrests. Sometimes the Tesla Sentry Mode records vandals doing their thing. In a few cases if the owner shares the video they can be identified, but mostly the crimes go unsolved. 

We expect that most all charging stations have security cameras. If they don’t they should. But as we all know it is easy to wear a mask of disguise to hide one’s identity. For those charging stations located in remote places, video surveillance should be mandatory for the owners to protect their property at the very least. 

We’ll update this story if the vandals are caught or there are people or groups who claim they did this and why. Otherwise, this will definitely go down as one of the weirder ways to vandalize an EV charging station. Or vandalize anything for that matter.