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With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing at a rapid pace, apps and other tools are popping up all over the place. Brands like Tesla and A Better Routeplanner have apps to help plan your trip. Is one of these apps better than the other?

EVPassport for electric vehicle charging

With the recent plans to expand the electric vehicle charging network, EVPassport is ahead of the game. EVPassport says that the product is a hardware and software program for businesses. “We exist to help your business create customer value through EV charging.”

Touted as the “first and only open EV charging platform,” EVPassport is ready for rapid expansion. With the EVPassport platform, drivers scan the QR code on the charger.

You can use a card attached to your phone or Apple Pay to pay for your charge. $10 is pre-authorized, and you can start charging.

All EVs can work with EVPassport, even Tesla. Businesses can customize the chargers to match colors or styles. If you are a business, this does make for a pleasant experience for both driver and business owner.

Why does this matter for EV drivers?

When you purchase an electric vehicle, the number of apps, software, and branded chargers can be overwhelming. This can make it difficult to find a charger if you are on the move.

EVPassport shows up on various programs like PlugShare, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. You can charge all of your electric vehicles at the location with a quick payment from your phone. When you are trying to drive around and find a charge, paying quickly from your phone is helpful.

We like to think that all trips go as planned and we always follow our routes exactly, but that’s not how life goes. Being able to find a charger and pay quickly without downloading a new app is ideal.

There will be many growing pains on the road to an all-electric future, but platforms like this will make it easier.

What are some other helpful apps?


What Happens When Your Electric Vehicle Runs out of Charge?

The other well-known networks include ChargePoint, Electrify America, EVgo, ChargeHub, Tesla, and others. Most of these have an app to download if you want to charge your car, making the experience clunky as best.

Apps like PlugShare are more of a driver-focused app that allows users to report situations like long lines. You can sift through the chargers by public, superchargers, residential, and various other types.

Apps like Tesla and A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) help plan longer trips. Depending on where you are going, any of these similar apps will do. ABRP tends to minimize the amount of time on the road, while Tesla attempts to minimize the number of stops you take. Both options have benefits.

Elon Musk has noted that the company is working to expand the brand’s supercharging stations across the U.S.

Many drivers note that using ABRP to plan the trip helps, and then using the in-car interface when actually traveling helps improve accuracy. One thing to note is that if you do use your Tesla navigation, it won’t suggest other non-Tesla charging stations.

You can also connect your Tesla account to ABRP to get a more accurate representation of your car’s efficiency. It might give a different rate than you are actually getting if the apps are not connected. Many drivers find Tesla is more accurate, but the more data, the better.