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Part of owning an electric vehicle is charging the electric vehicle. While public charging stations might get the job done sometimes, charging your electric vehicle at home will be the most time-efficient way.

With various in-home chargers available, Amazon is now offering a service to help get yours installed.

What are the requirements for an electric vehicle charger?

Amazon can now install electric vehicle chargers in your home
An electric charger can now be purchased on Amazon and installed by the same company | Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon lists a few stipulations for getting your electric vehicle charger set up. The first requirement is that your home must be built after 1990 with a panel in the garage. However, Amazon will give you an electrical load assessment done by a licensed electrician beforehand.

Amazon will run conduit and wiring from the service panel to the 240 volt NEMA outlet. Similarly, the company can also install a junction box if needed. The installer will include a 2-pole 50 amp circuit breaker.

If you have a particular charger you want to purchase, many are on the Amazon marketplace. The installer will place it at the desired location for easy charging. Most of the available chargers are for indoor and outdoor use.

Why choose Amazon?

Amazon finds a local technician that can help quickly get your new electric vehicle charged and on the road. Of course, it isn’t required to use Amazon. If you peruse the reviews, many of the reviews are five-stars.

One reviewer noted the appointment took only 45 minutes and the technician left the area clean and tidy. The pricing for this service will vary widely by your location and availability. However, this also varies based on the kind of charger you purchase and the length of the charger.

After that, Amazon contracts out a local professional to help install your charger. For instance, some of the companies listed to do the installation include Goodman Networks, Countrywide Electric, and Gibbs Bros. Electric. Above all, this is meant to make the transition to an electric vehicle easier.

If you are interested in having a local electrician do the work, you can also call around and get a quote.

If you are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle charger, check out some of the options below. This will streamline the process to get you on the road faster.

What are some electric vehicle chargers for the home?

The JuiceBox Pro 40 Electric Car Smart Home Charging Station retails for $599 at Walmart. The JuiceBox is made in the U.S. and offers an app to help schedule charging when rates drop. It can be hardwired or plugged into a 14-50R outlet and adapters to work on a regular outlet.

The JuiceBox is a 10kW charge and can be installed inside or outside. The app is compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa for voice control. The cable is 24′.

Similarly, the ChargePoint Home Flex WiFi Enabled EV Charger. This one offers a $1,000 federal tax credit on the $699 cost. It offers flexible amp settings from 16 to 50 and comes in both hardwired and plugin options.

The ChargePoint charger offers 6-50 or 14-50 outlet options. The app allows you to schedule charging and pick the right amp for your home.

The Megear Level 2 charger is one of the more budget-friendly options. It comes in various plug options, but all of the options are 16 amp Level 2 chargers. This will get up to 11 miles of range an hour.

Similarly, the included cable is 25′ long, and the charger itself is waterproof. The Level 2, 240 volts, 16 amp charger with 25′ cable is listed at $199 on Amazon currently. The rest of the variations seem similarly priced as well.


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